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CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION SPONSORS ACI/ACI-NA Conference and Exhibition Sponsors Daktronics Takes an In-Depth Look at Airport Trends Starting at the beginning, roadside displays welcome patrons, provide current security levels and direct them to parking lots, cell lots or drop off areas. Curbside displays tell drivers exactly where ticket counter entrances are located to drop off passengers. Cell phone or park and wait lot displays also present updated arrival information. Parking displays provide drivers with crucial wayfinding guidance and lot status. Once inside the airport, ground kiosk displays or behind-the-counter displays guide customers to baggage drop-off areas or the correct ticket counter. Visual messaging systems then lead travelers through security to retail spaces. Once there, FIDS inform them of flight times, increasing their dwell times. Other applications include ramp information displays (RIDS), baggage information displays (BIDS), jet way door signage, and exterior gate and ramp displays to improve service delay coordination. Integration is the key to developing an effective network of signage. Daktronics supports FIDS integrators with engineering and field support services. Around the world, major architects, consultants, and engineering firms trust our software and products. In fact, they often vouch for us—almost all of them have experience integrating to Daktronics displays. We work together. Our solutions are cost effective, completed on time, and fit all types of projects, large and small. Daktronics provides value-added services such as project conception, day-to-day operation, consulting, engineering, project management, and creative content services. 50 Daktronics-owned regional offices and 120 authorized service companies offer localized collaboration all over the world. Your imagination plays a part. Daktronics sales and engineering services present unique solutions based on your requirements. Vivid video capable LED displays shine above crowds, instantly catching their eyes. Our large format displays excel in high definition video, custom created content, multiple languages, flight information, and innovative virtual windows to present all those categories at once. Promote your facility and increase revenue by promoting other products and services, as well. Remind travelers to purchase food or beverages, tap into the Wi-Fi, and traverse your assortment of shops. Daktronics indoor and outdoor displays are available in many configurations to accommodate a broad range of architectural needs in addition to offering a wide 140-degree angle to maximize visibility in retail and concession areas. We know airports do all they can to provide excellent customer service starting at the moment patrons arrive. We also realize the increasing importance of parking and concessions revenue. Daktronics commits to satisfying both these requirements and more. We provide the technical expertise and products to make your airport’s next project a success. Airports are utilizing light emitting diode (LED) displays a variety of applications. Why? To improve the overall customer experience. How? By providing wayfinding, up-to-the-second flights status information, courtesy information and more. Where? In every facet of the aviation experience. In fact, as the world leader in LED displays, Daktronics products have been installed in more than 100 major airports around the country. Informing, guiding, and advertising during prolonged passenger wait times improves customer satisfaction. Flight information displays systems (FIDS) and video LED displays, however, introduce other, less apparent benefits. More and more airports are using proven ideas in new ways to boost crucial concession revenue, and LED displays fit perfectly into that category. Placing displays near airport retail and concession areas is effective for three reasons. First, customers feel more at ease because the displays provide up-to-the-minute flight information, allowing them to relax as they shop and eat. The airport experience is simplified. Second, entertainment and advertising on the screen keep customers near businesses and not in remote gate areas. Third, customers can be educated by additional information the airport might want to convey, such as special alerts and important announcements regarding security. Using LED displays in one or many aviation applications is effective. And, if all uses are combined, thousands of people each day can rely on Daktronics displays to guide them completely through an airport. This is already happening in many facilities across the country. 84 CENTERLINES | SEPTEMBER 2008

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Centerlines - September 2008
Welcome to Boston
President’s Message
Canadian Airports
Associates’ Corner
Policy Center
On the Hill and On the Stump
Downes Award
ACI-NA 60th Anniversary
Host Airport Profile
Cover Story: James L. Oberstar
Regulatory Front: Security Standards
Security: Checkpoint Evolution
Environment: Measuring Greenhouse Gases at Sea-Tac
Air Service: Wild, Wild Ride
Passenger Focus: DOT’s Complaint Desk
On Management: “TLC” at John Wayne
Revenue Arena: A Tale of Two Diversified Cities
Media Relations: New Media
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Centerlines - September 2008