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BOX SCORES Top 10 Best On-Time Arrival Averages at Busiest Airports September 2007 Top 10 Carriers – 2007 Enplaned Passengers 75 70 65 January - August 2007 95 90 60 85 Millions of passengers Denv er ton Midw ay or e Tam p inna rdale City oit Oakla Detr nd ti a Hous Baltim Cinc au de Lake ago For t L Salt Chic Percent on time 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 ta al d an n es es es hw th U ir w yW ne er ir T D ni Je A tB lu ay te ic w nt el ra e s t t t Sk 80 75 70 ut m ti C on So N Airlines 92 Best On-Time Averages for Busiest Airports September 2007 Depart 89 Arrive Scheduled System Airline Travel on U.S. Carriers MONTHLY Aug ’06 Aug ’07 Change % YEAR-TO-DATE ’06 505.6 ’07 522.8 Change % 3.4% 0.9% Percent on time 86 Passengers (in millions) 66.5 71.1 7.0% Flights (in thousands) 945.3 937.6 -0.8% Revenue Passenger Miles (in billions) 73.1 78.2 7.0% le nix nd o ti s do ore ton nd ity De nv er De tro it uis na e a l U Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics A or S A 83 7,066.0 7,131.2 80 ele na ieg rda mp ott rtla eC kla lan oe ltim cin us ng Sa nD arl Lo de Ta tio 543.3 563.7 3.7% rt L Sa Fo Wa Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics Bureau of Transportation Statistics sh ing Available Seat-Miles (in billions) 90.0 92.5 2.8% Load Factor* 81.2 84.5 3.3% Oa Ho Or Ph Po ak Cin Ba au sA Ch lt L St. ton Na 675.4 80.4 699.5 1,074.6 694.2 81.2 706.4 2.8% 0.8% 1.0% Customs Wait Times at U.S. Airports 250 Lo October 2007 Average Wait Maximum Wait Flight Stage Length** 696.9 714.0 2.5% Passenger Trip Length 1,099.2 1,098.9 0.0% 200 1,078.1 0.3% Minutes 150 Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, T-100 Market and Segment *Change in load factor points **The average non-stop distance flown per departure in miles 100 50 The average distance flown per passenger in miles Note: Percent changes based on numbers prior to rounding. 0 At lan Ch ta ica go O' Ha re Cin cin na ti De tro it/M F Ho us ton JF K/ AA JF K/ BA JF K/ DL JF K/ T1 JF Lo K/ sA T4 ng ele Lo s/T sA 2 ng ele Lo s/T sA 4 ng ele Lo s/t sA 5 ng ele Lo s/T sA 7 ng ele s/T B Mi am i/C A Mi am i/C E Mi am i/C F Mi am Mi i/C nn J ea po lis /LB Ne wa rk/ TB Ne Sa wa nF rk/ TC ran cis Sa co nF /T8 ran 1 Wa cis sh co ing /T8 ton 6 Wa Du sh lle ing s/I ton A Du lle s/M I Data for the busiest time period for each terminal. Maximum wait is the longest waiting period within that busiest hour. Source: Customs and Border Patrol. All reports as of Nov. 19, 2007. 46 CENTERLINES | JANUARY 2008

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President’s Message
Canadian Airports
Associates’ Corner
Policy Center
Regulatory Front
On the Hill and On the Stump
One on One: Dave Barger
Revenue: The Concessions Awards
Environment: O’Hare Expansion
Passenger Focus: Houston Friendly
Safety and Security: After Comair, What Next?
Air Service Recruiting: Charleston’s Acquisition of AirTran
On Management: Performance Benchmarking at DFW
Now Underway
Grand Opening
Conference Previews and Reviews
New Members
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Box Scores

Centerlines - January 2008