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VER S COLUMNTORY AIRPORT BELT TIGHTENING B Y C A ROL E S H I F R I N Getting more from less the rule as airports cope with fewer flights and higher costs U .S. airports of all sizes are tightening their belts, bracing for the cascading effects that widespread service cutbacks by airlines are having on their operating revenues and higher fuel prices are having on operating costs. “It’s a tough time for airports in general,” said Deborah McElroy, Executive Vice President, Policy and External Affairs, at ACI-NA. “Service cuts are of great concern to airports because, after ensuring the safety and security of our passengers, our main focus is to bring price and service competition to the community.” Groundings, Bankruptcies Airlines, particularly U.S. legacy airlines with older, less efficient equipment, will ground more than 500 airplanes by year-end. Included are some 50-seat regionals used to link smaller airports with larger hubs. Add to that the growing number of airline bankruptcies and service cessations—13 in the last year. The resulting cutback in flights means some airports are seeing year-over-year declines in passenger numbers and aircraft operations ranging from low single digits to 25 percent or even higher. High fuel prices and the sluggish economy also have reduced demand for air cargo services. Some airports are experiencing a loss of service from multiple airlines, and some small airports, as many as three dozen, are expected to lose all air service. 16 CENTERLINES | DECEMBER 2008

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Centerlines - December 2008
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Centerlines - December 2008