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ON U A C O L MM N A G E M E N T DBE PARTNERING SUCCESS BY N ICOL E N E L S ON ARCHonsortium a winning combo for group, individual firms L ong before ground broke at the new Indianapolis Airport, Indiana’s then State Architect Horace Seay Cantrell, Jr., placed a local call to a minority business entrepreneur, David R. Franklin. An African American and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Cantrell took it upon himself to mentor local AIA disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) owners. Franklin’s Indianapolisbased Domain Architecture, was one of a handful of small, minority-owned firms that Cantrell believed should be in the running for a role in the largest development project in Indianapolis’s history. Cantrell believed this, all the while knowing that each of the seven minority firms in Indianapolis at the time were relatively small and did not have a great abundance of aviation experience. “Any one of us on our own were unlikely to see participation on a project of this magnitude,” Franklin said, “so (Cantrell) suggested we all come together under one umbrella. In so doing, if we did that, we stood a chance of being involved to a fairly significant degree which, in the end, is precisely how it happened.” Terminal and Concourse Project Heeding Cantrell’s advice, Franklin began discussions among the principals of the DBE architecture firms. In 2000, six of the seven minority firms opted to join together under an umbrella entity called ARCHonsortium. In 2002, the firm filled a contract for the design of a $100 million, 7,100-space parking garage and ground transportation center at the new midfield terminal. Secondarily, ARCHonsortium earned a 10 percent role in a joint venture that was created for the new terminal building and concourses. Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) Chairman Don O’Bannon said ARCHonsortium is a prime example of how DBEs can band together to find success. “Our industry has encouraged partnering not only with majority firms, but also with other minority firms in order to increase capacity and to be more 22 CENTERLINES | DECEMBER 2008

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Centerlines - December 2008
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Centerlines - December 2008