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REVENUE ARENA PILOT UPDATES B Y JODI R IC H A R DS Security meets customer service through TSA partnerships W Bin Advertising ithout a doubt, security remains a top priority for all of the nation’s airports. And, in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), some airports have been able to combine security with customer service benefits, which have led to increases to the bottom line. IN partnership with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), some airports have been able to combine security with customer service benefits. A bin advertising pilot program was launched roughly 18 months ago and includes some 14 airports, according to Ann Davis, a TSA spokesperson. Under the program, airport operators enter into agreements with participating advertising brokers who provide divestiture bins, tables, and bin return carts and sell advertising for the inside of the bins. “It’s a contract entered into between the advertising brokers and the airport operator under some conditions that are TSA-approved,” Davis said. “We have been a strong supporter of this program,” said Lydia Kellogg, ACI-NA’s Senior Manager of Public Safety and Security. On Oct. 29, the TSA approved a nationwide expansion of the program. “We have been working with TSA and the participating airports to make this a permanent program,” said Kellogg. Reno/Tahoe International is one of the airports involved in the bin advertising pilot program. TSA-approved vendor Security Point Media sells the advertising space and provides the bins and return carts for the airport’s two security checkpoints, said Public Affairs Manager Brian Kulpin. The airport did not initially see this pilot as a revenue opportunity. “We saw it as customer service—a way to improve the way the bins go through the checkpoint,” Kulpin said. Since the start of the program in Reno, the checkpoints are cleaner and the flow of passengers has improved. Security Point Media is a subcontractor to the airport’s advertising firm, Younger Agency. From July 2007 to July 2008, the airport earned about $5,000 and will receive $1,057 per month during the holdover period of the pilot program. Denver International, which has three security checkpoints with a total of 28 lanes, is also involved in the bin advertising pilot and expects to receive approximately $80,000 each year in advertising revenue. Security Point Media, according to officials, has a patented technology with its carts and trays, which improves the security checkpoint process while also reaching customers through advertisements. | CENTERLINES 29

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