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Interior Designers Pick the Products They Love RAINDROPS ON ROSES and bright copper kettles may have Favorites Playing ing made the cut for the von Trapp family, but today’s interior designers are a far more discerning bunch. When asked about their favorite things, designers are more likely to cite groundbreaking products that creatively meet diverse needs with style, functionality and, often, sustainability. This fall, ASID ICON editors surveyed the membership, asking respondents what new products really excited or intrigued them, winning a coveted spot on their “must find a use for that” list. No surprise, the responses were varied, from lights that feel sky-high to a modern twist on an 18th-century classic. Here, we’ve selected just a few of the many products that ASID members couldn’t get enough of this year. To see additional products that were mentioned, visit 10 icon november/december/10 the magazine of the american society of interior designers

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ASID Icon - November/December 2010
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ASID Icon - November/December 2010