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UP CLOSE/ Building the Perfect Sandbox “BLANK SLATE” DESIGN CREATES SYNERGY FOR FIRM’S CLIENTS AND COLLEAGUES/ “A BLANK CANVAS—so many possibilities,” muses 1 the character George Seurat at the end of Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George.” That was the vision that founder and creative principal Andre Staffelbach, ASID, FIIDA, had for his Dallas firm’s new offices. Their gleaming white interiors suggest a bare drafting table or screen, free of any aesthetic preconceptions or influences. “We wanted it to be our sandbox where we could build whatever we wanted,” says Staffelbach. He points out the absence of award plaques and project photos that customarily adorn the walls of A&D firms. “We didn’t want to get hung up on any of that. We want to focus on what we are going to develop next, not past accomplishments. Our clients react very positively to that.” Starting with only an empty shell, the design team set about creating a space that purely embodied the Staffelbach style and the promise of the Staffelbach brand. They also drew upon their own best practices and implemented the kinds of solutions they recommend to their clients. “Beginning from build-out allowed us to walk our own talk,” explains Jo Heinz, president and CEO. “The space is smaller than our previous offices but actually performs much better because it is better designed. We have much greater collaborative synergy, which has made a huge difference in our efficiency and effectiveness.” To compensate for the open-space design, white noise technology was installed, which has alleviated any initial concerns about speech privacy or distractions. Another successful strategy was to replace the 11 coffee stations the firm used to have with one centrally located coffee bar, complete with widescreen TV. The area now serves as a hub of daily activity, providing a place for firm-wide events, as well as encouraging more socialization and informal knowledge sharing. Everything in the office is designed to enhance functionality and increase visual impact, from the custom-designed storage units and work spaces to the artistically arranged resource center. The total white environment not only puts the client front and center, it is also the perfect backdrop for presenting concepts and designs. Ambient lighting throughout the space prevents surface glare, and the lighting can be reflected off the ceiling to increase the intensity, when needed. The result is crisp images and brilliant colors that show off the firm’s designs to their best advantage. “It really is a great example of what our firm can do,” says Heinz proudly. “It speaks our brand and it enunciates our brand. It has become an incredible marketing tool for us. People love the space, and they want others to see it, too. Even though we’ve been here two years, we still get several requests a month for tours.” i 3 PROJECT SPECS/ Design Principal Andre Staffelbach, ASID, FIIDA, Allied AIA Principal in Charge Jo Heinz, FIIDA Senior Project Architect James McKinney, AIA Project Designer Art Bloodworth, RID General Contractor Scott & Reid Floor Plan Andre Staffelbach, ASID, FIIDA and Tim Curry Location: STAFFELBACH 2525 McKinnon, Suite 800 Dallas, TX 75201 Photos by Jon Miller/Hedrich Blessing 16 icon november/december/10 the magazine of the american society of interior designers

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