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GRASSROOTS/ Empowering the Profession LEGISLATIVE POLICY PROTECTS, EVOLVES INTERIOR DESIGN PRACTICE/ IN A FEW short weeks, legislators from across the country will take their seats as the new legislative session starts. Legislation will be introduced, debates will rage, new laws will be passed and old laws will be repealed. Through all of this, ASID and its members will be actively participating on behalf of the profession. The government affairs program at ASID has received a lot of attention in recent years. ASID has re-examined its policy toward legislation and fine-tuned the goals and objectives of the Society’s legislative agenda. The refined legislative policy has been widely distributed and publicized, however, many ASID members have questions about the practical application of this policy and what actions ASID supports. The first aspect of the legislative policy states that ASID will support legislation that: Does not limit, restrict or prevent the practice of interior design. Currently, there are facets of interior design that anyone may practice and there are facets that are restricted to registered design professionals. ASID will not support any legislation that would place more restrictions on the profession. If you are allowed to practice in an area today, ASID supports your right to continue practicing in that area. The second aspect of the legislative policy states that ASID will support legislation that: Does not limit, restrict or prevent anyone from using the title “interior design” or “interior designer.” In the past, some legislation has sought to restrict these terms. The legislative policy is quite clear that any similar efforts will not be supported by ASID. The final aspect of the legislative policy states that ASID will support legislation that: Allows state-qualified interior designers to (a) use the title “registered,” “certified” or “licensed” interior designer and (b) perform such additional services related to the practice of interior design as applicable governing jurisdictions deem appropriate for state-qualified interior designers to perform. This facet of the legislative policy is the one which outlines what ASID hopes to achieve through legislation. Of those restricted areas of interior design, some are prohibited to all interior designers. ASID believes that it is unacceptable to prohibit qualified individuals from offering their clients the full benefit of their skills. An interior designer who is qualified to draft and submit plans for permit should be permitted to do so, and that is what ASID will seek to accomplish. This carefully-considered legislative policy is designed to protect all interior designers while also encouraging the empowerment and evolution of the profession. i Contact the ASID Government & Public Affairs Team ASID has a full-time staff of three experienced professionals working to protect interior designers’ rights in the government and public affairs arena. If you have any questions or would like to become involved in interior design legislative efforts, please contact the ASID Government and Public Affairs team at (202) 546-3480 or Don Davis, director Ryan Day, associate director Caitlin Lewis, government affairs assistant Visit us at YOU’LL LOVE HOW OUR FABRICS CAN BRING YOUR PROJECTS TO LIFE. You likely know Sunbrella®’s name and stellar reputation as a performance fabric. But did you know we have hundreds of sophisticated colors, patterns and textures perfect for any project, any room, any time? For more information and a wealth of inspiration, visit november/december/10 icon 23 476236_Glen.indd 1 4/22/10 7:59:48 AM

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