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SPOTLIGHT/ How Does the INDUSTRY/ Geberit System Allow Unique Design? Building Community VOLUNTEER EFFORTS BRING DIVERSE MEMBERS TOGETHER/ “The event was a great opportunity for designers, vendors and trades to conveniently network in a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere.” - Mike Noon, ASID, LEED AP WITHOUT THE ENORMOUS efforts of ASID chap- ters nationwide, the Society could not be successful in helping our 36,000 members come together as a community. Chapter volunteers ranging from chapter board members, to committee chairs and committed Industry Partners, all share a common goal to making ASID the place to grow your business, expand your knowledge and build your network. The results create the ASID community. The ASID Maryland Chapter provides a recent example of an extremely successful volunteerdriven effort to forge a sense of community among the chapter’s diverse member base. This past summer, the chapter hosted its annual Member Appreciation Lunch and Industry Partner Networking meeting. Beginning with an informal group session, Industry Partners got insight on how to effectively work with designer and student members of ASID. The lively conversation touched on topics such as customer service strategies, valueadded education through approved CEUs, and relevant market conditions. In turn, the Industry Partners then welcomed the designer and student members to the Member Appreciation Lunch. New members were recognized and received a warm welcome from longtime chapter volunteers. Providing a sense of inclusion and value for new members is essential in helping them feel like they are a part of the ASID community early in their membership. The Maryland chapter president gave attendees an overview of recent events and encouraged all members to get involved. She also previewed plans for the upcoming year and introduced the chapter president-elect. Best of all, both events were generously supported by Industry Partner members, as the meeting was held in the gorgeous Fretz Corporation showroom and the lunch was sponsored by Horizon Houseworks. The camaraderie was apparent and will most certainly carry over into upcoming events over the next year. This event demonstrated a number of lessons that can be embraced by all chapters: ■ Ensure that your programs bring together a cross-section of the membership through targeted programming. ■ Survey your membership to understand the preferred time and location of events. ■ Visible chapter leadership provides a consistent and friendly face to the chapter. ■ Identify new members scheduled to attend the event and assign a long-time member to make introductions. ■ Have fun—everyone has the same interests in mind! i The Geberit Concealed Tank and Carrier System allows unique design by taking the toilet off the floor. The System’s flexibility and adaptability allows free rein within individual space. Once the system is installed, the only visible element is the stylish actuator flush panel. With millions of installations throughout the world, the Geberit Concealed Tank and Carrier System enables unique design and utilizes water-saving, dual-flush technology. For a free copy of the Geberit Now CD, our full line digital resource, visit us at or call 866/787-3924. 866/787-3924 487134_geberit.indd 1 november/december/10 icon 25 8/30/10 3:15:54 PM

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ASID Icon - November/December 2010