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student rep message united we stand oney is a big issue for most students, and that’s going to be an even bigger challenge in spring due to rising tuitions. Many are finding that resources are tight. Making ends meet in New York while attending school can be very stressful, and I haven’t even mentioned lengthy class times and endless hours in front of a school computer, when you can find one! So why do we keep pushing forward? While we are complaining about money and the cost of supplies and the lack of computers, where do we find a twinkle of gratitude and a peaceful moment in this fastpaced, everyone-for-himself environment? Finding a peaceful moment for me is time taken with M friends, especially my design friends. Do you realize how lucky we are to have each other? How many other people do you hang with who know HOW to window shop? Who KNOW the best colors for fall? Who LOVE to visit showrooms (like me) and find INSPIRATION everywhere they look? How many people walk into a restaurant, check out the lighting, and comment on the proportions and scale of the room? How many dream in color, designing rooms and houses in their sleep? I know I’m in the right place because these are MY PEOPLE. For this, I am grateful. Even with my so-busy-I-canhardly breathe life, money pressures and long hours it is worth every penny toward my future in design. To be in a city that is filled with MY PEOPLE—creative people—is just the biggest privilege I could imagine. So what does missive this have to do with ASID? During our time as students, during our internship hours after graduation, and finally during our privileged time as designers, we need each other! We need each other’s inspiration and support. As a group, we have combined to protect and advance our interests. After all is spent and we put that education to work, our strength sends a message to the public that we are meaningful and necessary. Together, not apart, we make a better design community. That’s why we exist! ■ Do you realize how lucky we are to have each other? SUZANNE KNOWLTON ASID NY METRO STUDENT REP 10 |

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