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message from the prez new year’s resolutions? bah humbug! ew Year’s Eve always finds me in a contemplative mood, weighing the multiple resolutions I could or should be making for the coming year. Despite the many options and suggestions that voice from my conscience keeps whispering in my ear, my #1 Resolution always remains the same, year after year after year... to put aside at least 30 minutes each day to exercise. Towards that end, a few years ago while switching TV channels, I came upon a DVD video ad that promised that all I had to do was to stand in front of the TV for 30 minutes a day and follow that very trim (read skinny) lady on the screen as she walked her way to health. I bought the video, tried it once and actually liked it! Wow, this is great, fun and just my speed I said to myself, rather breathlessly. Right then and there I knew I could scratch Resolution #1 off my to-do list, as I vowed to “walk” in front of the TV every night just before I went to bed. Well, that video is now about four years old. I am confessing here and now that in all that time I watched and walked with that video only once . . . that very first time! My intentions were good, but every night as I dozed off, that little voice N in my head reminded me . . . “Isn’t there just one more thing you were supposed to do today?” What was it? Oh, yes . . . the walking video . . . well, I guess I’ll do it tomorrow. So, it’s been that “same old, same old” story for me and my four-year-old Resolution #1. So, here we are today, four years later, and Resolution #1 has now been moved down a notch to Resolution #2. Don’t worry, I tell myself, because that exercise video is still where I left it in the DVD player; it’ll be easy to pick up where I left off. In its place is my NEW Resolution #1: As NY Metro Chapter President, I resolve to continue to devote all my energies, except for maybe those last 30 minutes of the day (see above), to making our chapter the best that it can be in the nine months remaining in my presidency. For me, that means more of the same, following our Strategic Plan and heeling to our Mission and our Goals. What it also means is possibly backing off from what we thought were our concrete plans, and staying flexible in this changing environment, reevaluating, as necessary. Right now, the Board is juggling at least five balls in the air; possible opportunities and paths to take that could improve our chapter’s image, increase the value of your ASID membership, and help make NY Metro the charismatic Chapter we want it to be. Which way will we go? Which ideas will pan out and which will fall by the wayside? If only I had a crystal ball . . . it’s just too soon to know. What I do know however, is that I remain totally committed to working with our Board of Directors, our wonderful administrator, Mario Vasquez, and our crew of loyal, hard working volunteers, whose numbers are growing and growing at a steady pace. One way or another, our Chapter will move forward in 2011, and we’ll be the better for it. So, as we welcome the New Year, I invite each of you to add a resolution or two of your own for the coming year. Imagine if your Resolution #1 was to spend just 30 minutes a day, five days a week actively involved in ASID. It may not make you slimmer and younger looking, but I guarantee you that it will stimulate your mind, and be enriching and enlightening. It’s also very likely that you’ll learn something new and unexpected, all the while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded people. Seriously, you may find it a resolution that’s an easy one to keep. If not, I’ve got this 30 minute walking video, I’m willing to sell . . . cheap. I want to take this opportunity to send my warmest wishes to all Metro members for the New Year. May we all continue to grow and thrive in 2011, as we work together on behalf of the interior design industry and the profession we love. ■ MAGGIE COHEN, ASID ASID NEW YORK METRO CHAPTER PRESIDENT 2010-2011 board of directors Maggie Cohen, ASID ASID President Room Service Designs, Inc. 40 E 88th St New York, NY 10128 212.876.7552 212.876.1140 fax Susan Anthony, Allied Member ASID Communications Director Anthony-Wright Interiors, LLC 27 Oak Rise Irvington, NY 10533 914.693.4400 914.693.4402 fax Jon Pesce, IP Representative Professional Development Director Hansgrohe 34 Desbrosses St Ste 522 New York, NY 10013 646.414.9400 404.863.9797 cell Virginia Tesi, Allied Member ASID At Large Board Member Director of Volunteering Virginia Tesi Interior Design 401 E 80th St Ste 19K New York, NY 10075 212.628.2436 917.968.0944 cell Andrew McGukin, Allied Member ASID Emerging Professionals Representative 218 E 74th St Apt 1R New York, NY 10021-3667 404.909.1336 Suzanne Knowlton, Student Member ASID Student Representative 210 E 68th St Apt 4H New York, NY 10065 415.225.1127 Pamela J. Durante, ASID, CID President-Elect Atelier Durante Interior Design 315 Madison Ave Ste 901 New York, NY 10017 212.807.4188 212.957.1912 fax Kati Curtis, ASID, CID, LEED AP, ID&C Financial Director Nirmada Interior Design 205 W 54th St Ste 4G New York, NY 10019 347.374.8299 517.796.0101 cell Scott Cook, IP Representative Membership Director Bisazza North America 43 Greene St New York, NY 10013 212.334.7130 917.306.0065 cell 212.334.7131 fax The ASID NY Metro chapter office is at 551 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3010, New York, NY 10176, 212.856.0890,, Mario Vasquez is our chapter administrator. ASID headquarters is at 608 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002-6006, 202.546.3480, 6 |

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