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emerging professionals message why design? o you see a pattern here? YEP!! Me again!!! And I plan to keep asking the same question I posed last year as student rep to the board: WHY DESIGN? This year, I’ll be working closely with the board as representative of our EMERGING PROFESSIONALS. Whether you’re a student, a long-time professional, just starting out on your own, or working in a firm—this question is huge—it’s relevant—it’s rhetorical—and it’s thought provoking. My goal is to help upstart those who are “emerging” as design professionals by challenging each and every one of you to think about and continue to answer the question— WHY DESIGN? —over and over. Speaking of PATTERN –what kinds of patterns have you brainstorming and scheming away lately? And I’m not just asking about fabrics? I’m asking all the way around? How are you using the tools around you to create a more interesting design? Are you considering movement or texture? Are you thinking in layers? Don’t even get me started on the holidays—it’s an explosion of pattern-provoking opportunities! How have you capitalized on holiday decorating within your client community? This is an excellent chance to add a little sparkle to your day-to-day. Let’s hear it—what are you cuing up in the pattern department? Here’s a great quote from New York Times Magazine about the new Redbury hotel in Beverly Hills ( Designer Matthew Rolston says he went for “a rock-star look with absolutely ‘nothing beige.’” Hear-hear!! Amen!! Enough beige already!! Go get ’em!! D Where I Am on NOW Color Seriously. If it hints at ORANGE, SALMON, ALMOST PINK . . . some version of all three, I’m all over it. I can’t help myself—and this is nothing new, by the way. I’ve long been addicted to this range of color, and perhaps the fall brings it around for me again. I’m guessing it could also have something to do with that rust living room from my childhood! What are you thinking about color these days? You know how I feel about beige! Loving . . . I’m listening to JAMEY JOHNSON, “Even the Skies Are Blue” and “Macon.” I can’t wait for the new LADY GAGA (naturally). Have you been to BETEL in the West Village? Best casual Thai ever—Aussie style! I’m wearing only NAVY or CHARCOAL GREY DENIM for the fall and winter . . . everyone else can have the other washes. Google 15 FOX PLACE —a fun, offbeat experience. ■ DREW MCGUKIN ASID NY METRO EMERGING PROFESSIONALS REP winter 2011 | 9 i

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New York Metro Imagine - Winter 2010