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unbuilt work H ONOR AWA RD PhXcaseXcase: Cactus Flower Housing P HO E NI X , AZ Architect: LEVENBETTS Client: 306090 Publications ©LEVENBETTS C actus Flower Housing (CFH) proposes an antidote to the single-family housing crisis and the sprawl of the American grid. It is targeted specifically for Phoenix, whose urban plan is laid out on a grid, like many cities. But overlaying Phoenix’s plan is the water infrastructure, distributed along eight canals, which runs through streets, crosses intersections, and cuts through neighborhoods. Set along one of the canals, the project would repurpose that system as an urban circuitry for a dense, water-based, desert urbanism. It turns the city inside out or right side in by turning it toward the canals. Located along the Grand Canal, CFH includes five “cactus” housing towers, one low-rise “snake” housing component, and a series of support programs including markets, stores, and restaurants. The street level fronts the canal and adds a vibrant, open commercial and institutional layer. Above it is a platform of social-service programs as well as a Living Machine that filters wastewater from the building into usable water that can be fed back into the city’s water system or reused in the building. The roof level is a building communal space, functioning as both a sun and water umbrella that collects water in a cistern. ©LEVENBETTS CFH’s several different unit types are based on the structure and infrastructure of a cactus. Water/infrastructure is towards the middle, with the dryer program along the perimeter and edges, and folded skin providing shade from the sun, outdoor breezeways, and cross ventilation for natural cooling. From urban plan to unit configuration, this dense multifamily housing program is an integrated urban infrastructure whose elements can meet the particularities of the canal/grid on a case-by-case basis. ■ Jury: “This project understands the problem of managing resources and provides a set of possibilities for sunbelt cities.” LEVENBETTS TEAM: David Leven, AIA, Stella Betts, Angi Tsang, Jason Hudspeth, Magnus Westergren, AIA, Tara Mrowka, Ed May 2011 AIANY Design Awards Summer 2011 Oculus 39 http://www.levenbetts.com/

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