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Mr. Pareto Head By Mike Crossen ASQNEWs DIVE INTO THE DETAILS A 20-page brochure detailing the sessions, workshops and other events scheduled for the 13th annual ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference is now available. The event will be held March 3-4 in Phoenix. To download the brochure, visit http://asq.org/conferences/six-sigma. DISCOUNT IN CONFERENCE PRICE ASQ members and nonmembers who want to attend this year’s ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement can save some money with early-bird discounted pricing that’s available through March 14. Visit http://wcqi.asq.org for more details about prices and the conference, to be held May 6-8 in Indianapolis. RATE AND REVIEW Readers can now write comments and rate specific books that are available at ASQ’s online bookstore. Visit http://asq.org/ quality-press/index.html to offer your thoughts and reviews on any specific ASQ Quality Press book you’ve read, or read what others have said. PRESENT AT NQEC March 1 is the deadline to submit proposals for presentations at this year’s National Quality Education Conference. The event will be held Nov. 17-18 in Milwaukee. For more information, visit http://nqec.asq.org/index.html. survey some manufacturers brace for supplier woes in 2013 While more than 75% of suppliers said they are confident they can fulfill their customers’ needs this year, one-third of respondents to ASQ’s 2013 Manufacturing Outlook Survey said they expect a shortage of parts or services because of a supplier problem. To head off potential supplier problems, these respondents said they are working with their suppliers on process improvements to address volume capacity, while more than 26% are partnering with their suppliers’ competitors. Other manufacturers said they are stockpiling parts in advance and expanding facilities to make the needed parts. Problems with suppliers was a familiar issue for many manufacturers: 80% of respondents said “ It’s important for companies to communicate openly with suppliers to avoid any disruption in production. ” they have been adversely affected by a supplier’s inability to meet their needs in the past, and they’ve had to go to other suppliers for parts or work with suppliers to improve processes. “Any shortage of parts or services can have a dramatic effect on a manufacturer, so it’s important for companies to communicate openly with suppliers to avoid any disruption in production,” said Dick Gould, an ASQ fellow and a supplier management trainer and consultant. “Conversely, it’s important to suppliers to work with manufacturers to provide them with the quality parts or services to ensure a long-term relationship,” he said. The survey, conducted in November, took feedback from more than 1,250 manufacturing professionals from around the world. For more survey results, visit www.asq.org/media-room/press-releases/2012/ 20121220-suppliers-manufacturers-survey.html. February 2013 • QP 17 http://www.asq.org/conferences/six-sigma http://wcqi.asq.org http://www.asq.org/quality-press/index.html http://www.asq.org/media-room/press-releases/2012/20121220-suppliers-manufacturers-survey.html http://nqec.asq.org/index.html http://www.qualityprogress.com

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Quality Progress - February 2013