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From the Board President Mission, Vision Statements Serve as Guiding Lights By George Sereno Board President I am very pleased to announce that the Rural Water Association of Arizona has revisited our mission, vision and values statement. The Board believes the following effectively communicates the current mindset and conditions in which we operate today. Vision: RWAA’s vision is to be the recognized leader and advocate for rural utility development and assistance in Arizona; and to achieve financial independence for the RWAA organization in order to better achieve that aim. Mission: RWAA’s mission is to facilitate the optimization of resources while mutually expanding the technical, managerial and financial capability of member utilities and the RWAA while engaging associate members, funding sources and regulatory organizations in the pursuit of this mission. Values: RWAA conducts its business in a professional manner with integrity and accountability while operating in an environment of accessibility and openness to all stakeholders. The Board worked very hard and collaborated on these statements. The vision and mission statements are vital to any organization and serve as the guiding light for the organization. There is a real purpose for both of these statements. When the staff members are making decisions and supporting customers these are the statements upon which they can base dayto-day decisions and plan future commitments. If their actions support the mission and vision statements, then the actions are probably right. This ability negates the necessity for upper management to make all decisions and supports and creates a learning organization where the staff is empowered to make decisions. The values statement is probably the most important of the three. It states how we will treat each other, how we will deal with our customers and associates and how we will deal with conflict and difficulties. This country was founded on principles that contained a moral component (frugality, personal responsibility to deal honestly with each other and to personally support those in need). Our values are under attack in the world today and without a moral component a republic cannot survive and neither can the RWAA. I believe it can be said that the Board demonstrated these characteristics in producing the mission, vision and values statements. The vision and mission statements are vital to any organization and serve as the guiding light for the organization. 6 • www.rwaa.info http://www.rwaa.info

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Future of Water - WInter 2011
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Future of Water - Winter 2011