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From the Executive Director RWAA Moves Forward, Works for Membership The Rural Water Association of Arizona continues to move forward, enhancing our Technical Training and Technical Assistance programs with additional opportunities. Circuit Riders Vern Camp, Vonn Jones, Neal Whittle and Edmundo Mendez are developing an Operator Certification Course that should be available in March. The course material follows the ABC Certification Study Guide and is tailored to levels 1 through 4 in water and wastewater operations. Get the training you need to pass the exam. Water University, a Utility Management Certification, is offered quarterly with the locations for the class are rotated throughout the state. This course covers the sustainability and capacity development for industry leaders now while preparing for future challenges. The course is not limited to current utility managers but is an opportunity for those who may have the opportunity to manage a utility in the future to gain needed skills to be successful. Key topics include financial, technical and managerial sustainability and capacity development skill sets. This course is offered self-study or classroom-taught. Dale Ohnmeiss has developed a GPS / GIS-based mapping service for member utilities. The map-making services provided by RWAA are not intended to replace the survey quality engineering industry mapping services. This is a membership benefit and low-cost service to help provide minimal mapping services to rural Arizona and to those who would not have the resources or the time to make a simple utility service map or to go online and find the tools necessary to generate their own maps. The association provides the GPS units and the staff time to conduct onsite surveys of the utilities and provides the utility with a map of its service area, water mains, or other components needed to be mapped by the utility. Kris Ritzmann, our Director of Finance, is offering bookkeeping and financial services for member utilities. The financial and bookkeeping services provided by RWAA for our members include bookkeeping and generation of financial statements, advice and financial analysis, and report customization to answer questions about efficiency that managers may want to know. We generally target the small- to middle-sized systems and utilities companies. These services provide you with reliable and professional accounting information. Does your system need personalized onsite training? Contact Bunny Kunce, our EPA Trainer, and she will bring the training to you. Our EPA Training program is prepaid so there is no cost to the member utility. This assists in keeping systems in compliance with training requirements when travel and training budget cuts seem to affect all utilities today. We also offer an online training opportunity for those who prefer to gain training and associated PDH requirements from their computer. Have you been to www.rwaa.info lately? Visit our new website which is continuously updated with all RWAA activities including the Annual Technical and Leadership Conferences by our Event Coordinator, Janelle Russell. Contact us and let us know how we can enhance value for your RWAA membership. Tim Walls Executive Director Have you been to www.rwaa.info lately? Visit our new website which is continuously updated with all RWAA activities. Winter 2011 • 7 http://www.rwaa.info http://www.rwaa.info

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Future of Water - WInter 2011
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Future of Water - Winter 2011