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Book Review: Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl’s Guide to Relationships By Connie Easton, BCSCA Publications Editor In this book by Kaycee Jane, the author challenges young women to get past the idea that they are passive player s in the game of love and relationships. Rather than playing the “daisy game” (he loves me, he loves me not), Kaycee asks us what happens if we turn that question around? I love him, I love him not? Using case study examples and authentic dialogue, Kaycee Jane shows young women the roller coaster ride of a relationship gone wrong. Many young women have a lot going for them, but don’t have the self knowledge, information and tools to choose a prince -- or to avoid a frog. Building a relationship is something else entirely, and most young women have not stopped to think about the dynamics that happen when reality meets fantasy head on. To avoid the inevitable crashes that occur with dating frogs, Kaycee suggest young women have a “bar,” a measure that their romantic partners have to meet, not the other way around. Doing this work will lead to what Kaycee calls “a beautiful life.” Not a fairy tale, but a life where you are familiar with yourself and your needs and know how to go about getting them met. Needs, choices and consequences define the journey for young women seeking love. “A relationship must reinforce self respect and value -- yours and his.” This is the key message of the book, Frog or Prince. I have been using this book with my girl’s support group (grade 11-12 girls) and have found it to resonate with the members of the group. The exercises contained in the book are great discussion starters, as are the case studies. I think this resource is a primer for young women as they move through the beginning of their romantic experiences in life. Every girl should know who she is first. I always tell my girls’ group that “you have to be a me before you are a we.” Frog or Prince by Kaycee Jane is available through Kaycee Jane Enterprises Corp. at www.frogorprince.ca Fast -Track Your Degree! * Earn a University Degree & College Diploma between 1 ½ & 2 Years* METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE & Special Joint Collaboration * Applies to Business Administration & Criminology Studies BC Employment Programs (BCEP): Enquire about paralegal paid work experience before graduation! Vancouver: 604-320-3332 Abbotsford: 604-826-3107 www.metropolitancollege.ca Interested in a healthcare career? Earn your Dental Hygiene Degree at UBC. The four year Dental Hygiene Degree Program prepares graduates for leadership roles in the Dental Hygiene profession. Graduates can pursue further education and research opportunities at the masters and PhD levels, or careers as teachers and community health practitioners. For complete information about the Dental Hygiene Degree Program visit our website: http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/Education/Hygiene/ 553041_Metropolitan.indd 1 8 465544_Dental.indd 1 10/12/11 2:53:47 AM BC Counsellor | Winter 2013 | www.bcschoolcounsellor.com PM 1/30/10 7:32:24 http://www.frogorprince.ca http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/Education/Hygiene/ http://www.metropolitancollege.ca http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com

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