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President’s Message Jim Hooper CONNECT ’12: Don’t Miss It! While most people’s years run from January to December, and for many teachers the years seem to stretch from summer to summer, we at the BCSCA executive sometimes think of a year as the 12-month interval between our annual conferences. So, as we approach our Oct. 18-19 conference, Connect ’12, I have been reflecting on what our executive has done since last October and what plans we’ll be hatching for the ensuing year. Although it’s not in writing anywhere, one overarching goal of our executive is to create a community of school counsellors in British Columbia. To that end, we have been working on our website, have created a Facebook presence (British Columbia School Counsellors) and a Twitter account (@bcsca), have expanded our listserve membership, and have considered further ideas for computer-assisted communications among counsellors. But a thriving community cannot be just virtual. Our annual conference in Vancouver is the one opportunity we have each year to make our community real. This is one reason it’s so important for counsellors from all regions of the province to attend. There is strength in numbers, and that power will help us build the community we need to pursue our mission of enhancing our work and advocating for our students and our profession. Top 20 Reasons to Participate in Connect ’12: 20 It’s a chance to rub elbows with people who understand what you’re talking about. 19. 19 The vistas from the top-floor meeting rooms of the Coast Plaza Hotel are heavenly. 18 Stuart Shanker, our Thursday keynote speaker, is an internationally known authority 17 16 15 14 13 12 on self-regulation, both in children and in teens. For those of you visiting the Vancouver area – or for Lower Mainland counsellors wanting to spend a special night or two in the heart of the big city – the conference’s hotel room rate of $128 is modest and inviting. If you have something to say about the state or future of school counselling, you’ll find many a willing ear. The BCSCA executive has been working hard all year – yes, we work in summer! – on behalf of counsellors. Here’s a great opportunity to support the executive and your profession. Conference fees for most registrants are lower than last year. Our popular Burning Issues session makes a return this year on Thursday, offering you a chance to help set the BCSCA’s direction in an interactive and interesting way. Your annual membership fee – included in the registration fee – keeps our professional association going and working for you. Also, for each member, the BCTF provides the BCSCA with a supplementary grant, and that makes your membership even more valuable to us. Every member and every dollar count. Our conference hotel is nestled in an enclave bounded by English Bay, Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, and the West End’s vibrant restaurant/entertainment/shopping scene. Sandra Mathison, Friday’s keynote speaker, is an eloquent advocate of values and ideas that all counsellors can appreciate. You get to tell us executive members all about what we’re doing wrong, and how we should be doing things instead. We have arranged a nice variety of workshop speakers, including a few well-regarded veteran presenters and an array of new faces with new ideas. For counsellors who feel they work mostly in isolation, here’s a chance to meet new colleagues and maybe even friends. Reach out. Take advantage of the conference to speak with me and our other executive members about what matters to you and how we can help. We can’t speak up for you if we don’t know what’s on your mind. Several of our presentations are on topics of pressing, daily importance to us – for example, depression and anxiety among young people. PRESIDENT continued on page 7 BC Counsellor | Fall 2012 | www.bcschoolcounsellor.com A thriving community cannot be just virtual. Our annual conference in Vancouver is the one opportunity we have each year to make our community real. 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 5 http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com

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