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The Fine Print Connie Easton From the Editor’s Desk This issue focuses on the topic of bullying. We’ve been hearing about bullying a lot recently, in the news and in the world. It’s all around us and happens at every level of life – from the schoolyard to the boardroom, and in government as well. Teachers and counsellors will be facing Bill 22 this fall, and even though we now have a contract to work with for a year, Bill 22 never left the table. Be informed and know what lies ahead in regard to the changes we may be facing in the work we do. Bullying takes many forms and is often subtle and insidious. Much of the action takes place outside school doors and hallways, and yet the effects impact our students in profound ways. There is a movement afoot to have school boards begin professional development days this coming school year, focussed on understanding and attacking bullying head on. Education is key, and a change in our tolerance for certain kinds of language, behaviour and attitudes must take place if bullying is to stop. Schools are a microcosm of society. We must be in the forefront for change. If our children want to grow up in a world where bullying is not tolerated, then schools needs to be the place these changes begin. Perhaps you have seen the television commercials where old behaviours, once tolerated, are shown to be normal. A doctor who smokes casually offering his pregnant patient a cigarette; a family goes down the road in a car without seatbelts, throwing their trash out the window onto the road. These images make us laugh now as they seem so absurd, but less than 20 years ago they were commonplace. It would be wonderful if less than 20 years from now, that were the case for bullying and that those hurtful behaviours could be regarded in the same light as we see racism today: unacceptable. We hope to see you all at Connect ’12, our annual conference in Vancouver, which you can read all about in our President’s message. Until we meet again, enjoy the rest of the summer and have a wonderful fall! Schools are a microcosm of society. We must be in the forefront for change. If our children want to grow up in a world where bullying is not tolerated, then schools needs to PRESIDENT continued from page 5 be the place these changes begin. 4 There will be prizes! 3 The best professional development often comes from the counsellor sitting next to you in a workshop or at lunch. 2 In the wake of a difficult year in schools, we’ll be able to refresh ourselves among likeminded people and get new ideas and motivation for our crucial work with students. 1 The conference can make a lovely break in the school year. You deserve it. For more details of the conference, to register, or to book a room, please go to our site: www.bcscaconference.ca. It will be my honour and pleasure to greet you at Connect ’12. BC Counsellor | Fall 2012 | www.bcschoolcounsellor.com 7 http://www.bcscaconference.ca http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com

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The Fine Print
We’ve come a Long Way Baby.
Bullying in the Schoolyard: Actual and Virtual
School Counsellors and Bill 22:
Crossing Oceans to New Worlds: Teens in Transition
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BC Counsellor - Fall 2012