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CONSIDER THIS It’s Simple: Persistence and Integrity Count It takes a special person to keep working on an idea until it succeeds. It takes a very special person to see every failure as a learning experience— as what not to do—and keep trying to find what you should do. Some Good Ideas Fail Miserably—At First John Joseph Merlin was a successful maker of clocks and precision instruments. He also designed weighing machines and wheelchairs, improved musical instruments and even tried to develop a perpetual motion machine. This highly intelligent man was also a talented musician who enjoyed playing both the harpsichord and violin. With this background, you might fi nd it surprising that he is most remembered today as the man who invented the roller skate. When is the last time you sat in a meeting where someone came up with an idea, and your fi rst thought was, That will never work. But let’s say you are an open-minded person, and you grant your colleague enough latitude to prove his point. If he fails miserably, are you the type of person who would still think the idea has potential? Let’s go back to 1760. Merlin has convinced himself that he can walk faster if he can just strap wheels to his shoes. He attaches two wheels to a metal plate and then straps on the contraption. After many attempts to stand and skate, IT WORKS! But the story doesn’t end there. He’s been invited to a huge social event (a masked ball at the Carlisle House in the upscale Soho Square district of London). He decides to unveil his new invention there, in front of the people who have the capital to invest in the idea. Furthermore, he doesn’t play it safe. He decides to enter the ballroom on his roller skates while playing his violin; it’s going to be a glorious moment for him! But it doesn’t work out as planned. In front of London’s elite, he loses his balance and crashes into a massive, expensive mirror, destroying the mirror, his violin and his pride. Had you witnessed this embarrassing failure, would you have immediately discounted Merlin’s idea, or would you have looked at it more deeply and seen the potential in it? Did Merlin fail because he had a stupid idea, or because he was a terrible skater who made it harder for himself by playing his violin while making his entrance? Had he not been preoccupied with music making, could he have used his hands to correct his balance and made his grand entrance a triumph? Merlin’s mishap meant that several decades would pass before someone was willing to invest money in the idea of making roller skates. It takes a special person to see through a failure and look for the potential in it. It takes a special person to keep working on an idea until it succeeds. It takes a very special person to see every failure as a learning experience—as what not to do—and keep trying to fi nd what you should do. Never forget that success comes to those who see past failure. Look for potential and realize not all great ideas work the fi rst time. Align Yourself with People of Integrity When I’m reading something on management, leadership, or peak performance, I’m always looking for what the piece has in common with what has been written on the same subject. This is because I believe there is real power in an idea that pops up again and again in different settings. Also drawing my attention are people who are frequently quoted in the things I read. One such continued on page 14 BE AUT YLIN K | BACK T O BAS IC S | 20 1 3 | BY ROBERT STEVENSON 13

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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 1