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BE YOUR BEST INSIGHTS ON SUCCESS AN INTERVIEW WITH TARA BYRNE AND TED ROMERO EDUCATOR hile experience is often cited as the best teacher, greatness in the classroom isn’t contingent on years of tenure. BeautyLink sought out educators from member schools to share their insights on how educators can put their best foot forward in the classroom and in their interactions with staff. Tara Byrne is director of the hair program at Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics. Prior to joining Delmar, Tara led training and development for Uppercut Hair Group in Essex, England, where she spent six years delivering the NVQ program for hairdressing. W 1. Ted Romero is a second-generation hairstylist with more than two decades of education experience including assignments with Wella, Sebastian and P&G. Ted serves as school director at Avenue Five Institute in Austin, Texas. Below, Tara and Ted share their thoughts on cultivating an outstanding education team. BeautyLink: What qualities do you look for when hiring an educator? Ted: Integrity. I ask applicants how they handle themselves in both good and bad situations. I might ask, “Tell me about a circumstance that went really great or very poorly. How were you involved and how was the rest of the team involved?” Those answers yield great insight into how the instructor may act in the future. Tara: First, I consider an applicant’s passion for teaching. I also look for educators who can not only share information but actively listen to their students so that classroom lessons are informative, interesting and interactive. Organization is also important. An organized instructor enriches the learning experience and models skills students will need after earning their license. Five Essential Qualities for Success as an Educator Ted and Tara identified the following qualities as key ingredients in a successful educator: Passion: An essential ingredient for inspiring students, gaining their trust and creating an amazing learning experience. Approachability: Even the most knowledgeable expert will not be effective if students do not feel comfortable and confident asking for help. Smile, keep an open-door policy when you’re not in the classroom and encourage questions. Patience: Demonstrate patience when dealing with staff and students. Educators coming from a salon or spa sometimes forget that students have not yet cultivated skills that come only with experience. Communication: Being able to impart information clearly in various ways that respect different learning styles is essential. Listening to students is just as important as leading the discussion. Organization: An organized instructor is able to maximize every hour of instruction time and ensure that all material is covered thoroughly. 2. BeautyLink: What policies can help educators address students’ use of technology in the classroom? Ted: Educators must realize that technology is not going away. A policy that says “ditch the smart phone when in the classroom” isn’t realistic. Effective teachers fi nd ways to adapt their lessons to bring technology into the learning experience. I encourage teachers to think about ways they can adapt their lesson plans to incorporate smart phones, ipods and tablets in their lessons. Tara: Teachers must address differences in learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. In addition to using technology for student lessons, teachers should take advantage of the plethora of online resources available to help educators enhance both theory and practical sessions in the classroom. Technology demands that educators constantly change their mode of delivery in order to keep students engaged throughout sessions. continued on page 20 3. 4. 5. Learn More The online course ED105 - Instructional Planning for Student Success is now available on the AACS Online Training Center at Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URL to learn more about this course: BE AUT YLIN K | BACK T O BAS IC S | 20 1 3 | 19

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