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A LITTLE FRIENDLY C MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE STUDEN STUDENTS BY ANGELA WATSON WATSO ompetition has the ability to light a spark within. It is the very foundation on which our economy runs, our favorite sports are played and our politics are decided. It fuels the fi re that leads to success. What better way to motivate and inspire students than with competition that allows their creativity and passion to shine? It can be a valuable way to keep students engaged in learning, growing and in school. Empire Education Group annually hosts the industry’s largest student competition and trade show event. Empire’s Future Professionals Expo brings more than 2,000 of its students from across the country to Hershey, Penn., for a weekend of competition, advanced education workshops, networking and trade show shopping. The environment is fun, competitive, informative and electrifying. With so much talent in one place, it’s hard not to get excited! Of course it takes a lot of planning and hard work to make this annual competition successful and inspiring for students. To keep the competition inviting to every student, Empire offers a range of categories from men and women’s trend cuts and color, to makeup and nails. Making the categories relevant to current trends and pop culture is a great way to get students engaged. What future professional doesn’t want to recreate a fun and funky red carpet style or fantasy makeup? Empire Future Professionals Expo is successful because of the strong combination of personal achievement and school spirit. Each school has a runoff competition in the months leading up to the event. Through these runoffs not only are the top competitors placed on a national stage, but they have an entire school full of cheerleaders, rooting them on for top prize. C For single locations, why not make it team competitions? Students can work together and rally behind one another to create that intensity every competition needs. To offer competitors more than just bragging rights, Empire partners with various vendors to offer prizes worthy of the challenge. From high-end educational packages to professional tools and products and services, students leave the competition with a connection to the professional world. Planning for a competition can be difficult. Beyond developing the categories and criteria for competition, you will need to think about the venue, food options and what other elements will be at the event. Every good competition has a crowd of cheering fans, so it’s important to give onlookers a reason to attend as well. There is nothing like the thrill of a live competition, but with technology constantly improving, there are plenty of ways to offer competitions online as well. Most students have smart phones with the ability to take photos and upload them to various social sites like Facebook. These type of competitions, if promoted right, can be just as inspiring and challenging. No matter what scale or type of competition you host, if at the end your student body feels inspired, ignited and passionate about their future career, the experience was a success. And in nearly a decade of annual competitions, we at Empire can say we’ve never had anything less than a magical experience. Angela Watson is director of Media Relations for Empire Education Group. You can reach her at The online course ED106 - Enhancing Student Learning is now available on the AACS Online Training Center at Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URL to learn more about this course: Learn More 42 | B E AU TYLINK | BA CK TO BASIC S | 2 013

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Message from the aacs president and cea co-chairs
Consider this
In-Depth Report
Be Your Best Educator
Superstar graduates
A Wish for Wellness
Beauty changes lives
Perception Is Reality
Step by step
Veterans and Our Industry
Do You Manage or Lead
Multicultural corner
What’s in a Grade?
Basics of Beauty School Budgeting
A Little Friendly Competition
A student’s perspective
Reality Check
And then there’s compliance
Beauty School Boot Camp
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Upcoming 2013 events
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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 1