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AND THEN THERE’S COMPLIANCE The Musts and the Must-Nots How to Overcome Admissions Challenges COSMETOLOGY TRAINING OFFERS incredible opportunities for people of every age, gender, and educational and work background. Becoming a hairdresser, barber or skincare specialist allows people to express and enhance their creative skills. High-level prior education is not necessary to be successful—except to meet institution admissions standards. Meeting admissions standards can cause many challenges, especially when admissions staff are not fully trained. Unfortunately, untrained admissions representatives and questionable recruiting practices are some of the many causes of recent criticism against the career school sector. This makes it even more important for anyone working at a career school who is involved in the admissions process to be well-trained. Admissions representatives working in cosmetology and beauty-related schools are typically enthusiastic and excited about enrolling individuals who can benefit as much as they have. This sometimes causes embellishments about training and results. Each state licensing board and every regulatory agency has its lists of dos and don’ts and musts and must-nots. Understanding these rules fi rst requires cosmetology school staff to recognize they are working in a highly regulated environment. This means knowing the rules and law and how to function within them. It also means understanding that there are consequences, disciplinary actions and penalties if the rules are not followed. In addition to admissions staff, faculty, career services and placement staff, and alumni need to understand and act within a culture of compliance. Faculty talk about how classroom skills and knowledge are used on the job and what life is like in the workplace. Career services, placement and alumni staff talk about life on the job and the job search process. These individuals represent your institution and are subject to possible consequences for doing or saying the wrong thing. Here are examples of the musts and must nots that all staff must live by. Training can keep admissions staff focused on enrolling only qualified students who will stay, graduate and successfully gain employment. • Ensure students understand fi nancial obligations related to enrollment. • Set realistic expectations about the time to complete training. Must nots: • Lie to or mislead a prospective student. • Guess the answer to a question asked by a prospective student. • Encourage an individual to enroll who is not qualified. • Omit information a prospective student should know. With the complexities of both federal and state regulations, even the most seasoned admissions professionals can unintentionally make mistakes. Fortunately, there is a growing number of states with admissions compliance training that has been reviewed by its governing state agency. To date these states include California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The training is offered online and is self-paced with experts facilitating each course. This means that anyone involved in the admissions process at your institution can enroll and complete the course at their convenience. In almost all states the fee is reduced for career schools that are members of their state associations. Training can keep admissions staff focused on enrolling only qualified students who will stay, graduate and successfully gain employment. Under compliance’s watchful eye, all career schools can do their part to reduce the negative press and instead show the benefits of a career school education. Dr. Susan F. Schulz is president of Susan F. Schulz & Associates, Inc. and owner of Schools for Sale International, Inc. She has been an innovator in the career school sector for nearly 20 years. Musts: BY DR. SUSAN F. SCHULZ • Provide prospective students with truthful and honest information to make informed decisions about enrollment. The online courses CM105 - Beyond Compliance: Doing the Right Thing and CM102 - Raising the Bar Compliant Communications with Students are now available on the AACS Online Training Center at www. Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URLs to learn more about these courses: and Learn More 48 | B E AU TYLINK | BA CK TO B ASIC S | 2013

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