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Beauty School BY NICK GUSTAV BOOT CAMP BUILDING CONFIDENCE AND IMPROVING LICENSURE RATES A fter going through 1,500 or 2,000 hours of instruction, many beauty-school graduates never expect to set foot in a classroom again. But the 100 multiple-choice questions on the written portion of many state licensing exams can intimidate even the best students, so an exam boot camp might be just the thing to boost their confidence and help them ace the test. Carol Woodard, education trainer at the Arlington, Texas-based Ogle School of Hair, Skin and Nails, said her schools regularly hold exam boot camps that last one full day and are free for alumni. The boot camps start with a written test to gauge how much knowledge students have retained and to identify topics that instructors need to highlight. “A lot of the time, the students know more than they think they do, but this also helps us to see where we need to help them,” Woodard said. While that test is being graded, Woodard gives students tips for taking the test, dealing with the associated anxiety and making sure they’re ready to give their best. “We try to cover every little aspect to eliminate the stress,” Woodard said. “When a student doesn’t take that state exam after graduating, they usually have test fear—it’s fear of failure—so we address that fear.” After the full-day review, the career-services personnel will schedule an exam date and location for each graduate, and if the alumna has never taken the written test, the school will pay the $55 test fee for them. The boot camps help the school improve its rates of licensure and job placement, which are important factors to prospective students. Woodard said the school uses a computer program to identify graduates who haven’t taken the written or practical exams and then invites them to a boot camp covering one of those two test sections. The school also spreads the word about upcoming boot camps through Facebook. “We do have students who never take the state boards, and I think that’s a challenge for many beauty schools,” Woodard said. Tony Fragomeni, director of government affairs for the Pottsville, Pa.-based Empire Education Group, said his company’s 106 schools emphasize the benefits of passing the state exams, including the potential to make more money by working in a professional salon environment and increased credibility for both the stylist and the profession. But some students never intend to take the exam, often because they’re struggling fi nancially and want to work off the books to avoid paying taxes and losing government benefits, Fragomeni said. Fragomeni said as many as 25 percent to 30 percent of beauty-school graduates don’t take the state exams, and test anxiety is a leading reason. With each passing day, students feel less equipped to pass the test and become less likely to take it, he said. Judy Rambert, vice president of education and research at Evanston, Ill.-based Pivot Point International, said her company also has been offering four-hour evening boot camps for alumni who haven’t taken the exam. But current students get plenty of exposure to the multiple-choice questions through Pivot Point’s online test simulator and Exam Prep publications. Milady and CLiC International offer similar products, and some schools have even developed their own online practice tests to get students familiar with the testing format. “Some people just aren’t good test takers, or they have it in their head that they aren’t good test takers. But the more often they can be exposed to these questions, the more their confidence builds, and the better they’ll do on the exam,” said Rambert. Nick Gustav is a freelance writer and editor living on the East Coast. Learn More The online course ML118 - Coaching Skills is now available on the AACS Online Training Center at Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URL to learn more about this course: BE AUT YLIN K | BACK T O BAS IC S | 20 1 3 | 51

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