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Q | feat ure | R Smart Technology IT TAKES A LOT TO KEEP A MODERN-DAY BEAUTY SCHOOL RUNNING EFFICIENTLY. HERE ARE SOME SMART TOOLS THAT CAN REDUCE ENERGY COSTS, INCREASE EFFICIENCY, ELIMINATE WASTE AND SAVE TIME. igh-Speed Industrial Washing Machines Are ever-increasing utility costs draining your profits? Is laundry constantly piling up? Are wet towels, capes and sheets piled everywhere waiting for the dryer? Do massage oils and lotions leave stains on your linen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to talk high-speed industrial washers. High-speed industrial washers are engineered for superior programmability, automatic chemical (detergent, softener, bleach) injection and energy-efficiency. They typically reach extract speeds in excess of 350 g-force, about 200 g-force greater than most top-load washers. In turn, high-speed washers remove more water from each load, cut dry time and decrease dryer gas consumption. Laundry is completed in considerably less time. And, unlike other industrial machines that must be bolted to concrete foundations, high-speed washers are freestanding, which allows for easy installation. Some models use the same footprint and power requirements as top-load washers, making replacement easy. “Our facilities used to rely on top-load washers,” says Ron Thomas, the director of corporate operations at VICI the Aveda Institute in Milwaukee, a beauty school that graduates 140 students from its cosmetology and esthetics programs each year. “One of the reasons we purchased the high-speed washers was to reduce our energy costs by reducing dry time. Now the towels come out of the washers barely damp and we’ve reduced dry time by 25 percent.” By cutting dry time, VICI also slashes gas usage. Now it takes students just 65 minutes to wash and dry a 55-pound load of towels. High-speed washers also use considerably less water than most top-loaders on the market. Energy Star®-certified washers can use less than half as much water per load compared to most top-load washers. Less water used equates to less water heated and additional savings in gas and electricity. Most industrial washers also feature programmable controls, enabling customization of water temperature, cycle time and water levels. A highly programmable control is important because it enables customized cleaning of items with different cleaning requirements, such as thick cotton robes, or sheets and towels coated with massage oils and/or hair dyes. Automatic chemical injection is another huge advantage of most industrial washers. Once the washers are programmed for load type, they automatically blend optimum water temperatures, water levels, number of baths, chemicals, extract speeds and cycle times for the best cleaning results. VICI, for example, uses four different washer programs: one for white towels and bath robes with bleach; a second for black towels without bleach; a third for colored sheets; and a fourth for nylon capes. Because the washers are programmed with automatic chemical injection, Thomas says he’s assured the proper mix of chemicals every time, no matter who is doing the wash. Contributed by Continental Girbau, Inc. For more information, visit, or call 800-256-1073. 22 | B EA U TY LIN K | T O O LS O F T HE T RADE 2 0 0 9

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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2
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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2