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Q | feat ure | R Past, Present & Future LASERS IN THE ESTHETICS INDUSTRY: Bre n d a Sch ar m an , D irector a n d O w n e r, Ca m eo College of Esse nt i a l Beaut y r remember hearing in the ’70s, during my electrolysis training, that “one day lasers would be removing hair.” t It was something too farfetched to imagine. Lasers hit I the hair-removal industry in the late ‘80s–early ‘90s. t By the mid ‘90s (which is when one of the first laser B manufacturers, ThermoLase, went public), electrolom gists were feeling the hit and many lost their busig nesses. What they didn’t know is if they could have n ridden the wave, it would soon be known that lasers r and electrologists would be working hand-in-hand. a Today, lasers in our industry are used for wrinkle treatd ments (photo facials), tattoo removal, scar removal, hair removal, pigmentation, the treatment of veins and port-wine stains, and more. The popularity of laser hair removal has increasingly grown, prompting many laser manufacturers to conduct research and seek FDA clearance for their lasers. The market is growing so quickly that the FDA cannot maintain an up-to-date list of all laser manufacturers whose devices have been cleared for hair removal. Professional lasers are classified by the FDA as a “prescriptive medical device.” What does this mean? It means in order for one to operate a laser, it must be directed (depending on specific state laws) by a physician. Some states require no supervision, while others require direct supervision. The field of esthetics is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country. Once known as “facial operators,” it has been recognized that estheticians now have utmost respect and the field is recognized as a career of choice. I contribute the growth of this industry to the baby boomers. 34 | B EA U TY LIN K | T O O LS O F T HE T RADE 2 0 0 9 “ PROFESSIONAL LASERS ARE CLASSIFIED BY THE FDA AS A “PRESCRIPTIVE T MEDICAL DEVICE.”… IT MEANS IN ORDER FOR ONE TO OPERATE A LASER, IT MUST BE DIRECTED (DEPENDING ON SPECIFIC STATE LAWS) BY A PHYSICIAN. ”

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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2
Message from the AACS President and CEA Chair
The Workings of Washington
The Ergonomics of Cosmetology
Creating the Perfect Brow
Smart Technology
Is Your Web Site Hooking Visitors?
And Then There's Compliance
Voices from the Classroom
Marketing to Male Clientele
Lasers in the Esthetics Industry: Past, Present and Future
Unemployment’s Influence
2009 AACS Select Industry Partners
The Less Common Road
Candid Cameras
Regulatory Issues
CEA Convention
Early Warning Indicators
Beauty Schools 101
Multicultural Corner
Upcoming Events
New Products & Services
People & Places
2009 AACS Spring Management Conference
New School Member Profile
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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2