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Q | feat ure | R Candid Cameras BeautyLink asked members how they have benefited from the use of security cameras. From theft to false accusations, cameras are proving to provide priceless information. We have a very open retail area, including our makeup center. When I first bought the school in 1994, I had to decide that if I wanted to retail more, I must let people touch, open, smell, etc. If the retail dollars increase, the minimal that may walk off will be offset by the increase in retail. At times, when I needed to be frugal, I’ve used a fake camera. We had one that had a red light that blinked – it made those with sticky fi ngers think twice! Debbie Marias Creative Hair Styling Academy, Highland, Ind. We did have a receptionist clip us for about $3,500. She was very good at it and it started, she said, when the books were over one night. So instead of looking for what hadn’t been accounted for, she just pocketed the money. We caught her and did prosecute. We installed cameras, but it is very hard to be on it all of the time if you are busy. It seems to have helped. Linda Mottishaw School of Hairstyling, Chubbuck, Idaho A few years ago I had a receptionist steal a lot! I believe it was probably near $1,000 a week. It took me a few months to realize that our numbers were low, so I “planted” the register with extra money, and miraculously we turned out right on! Then I knew there was a big problem. We put in cameras, but she was too smart and spotted them. The police said good thieves are aware. Brenda Scharman Cameo College of Essential Beauty, Murray, Utah I had 16 cameras throughout the school and could view anything at any time from the corporate office 600+ miles away. It certainly cut down on theft and students loafing around. If I caught something, I would simply call the school to tell an instructor what was going on and it was corrected immediately. Monet Lasater Career Academy, Inc., Texarkana, Texas We have cameras in our schools. One of the benefits is that you can monitor your schools remotely. We have used them a few times to go back and review a situation. In one instance we proved that a student stole money from the register, and she was arrested during school. It was a difficult situation for everyone, but it sent a message. In another instance, an employee that was fi red, cited discrimination and that she was walked out of the building and humiliated with name-calling. The tape showed that she left the building quietly with no escort, so it saved us from a lawsuit. Wanda Zachary Hair Professionals Career Colleges, Ill. We currently have 16 cameras in our school. We started with them just on the clinic floor and recently added them to the classrooms as well. The students know we have them, so I think it has cut down on theft. Gina Kinion Elaine Steven Beauty College, St. Louis, Mo. Where Are Your Cameras? We have them in our clinic floors, classrooms and dispensary/color/chemical areas. Ross Briggs Champion Beauty College, Houston, Texas We have our time clocks, parking lot and front desk on camera. It has eliminated numerous problems. It’s a small system with only four cameras. Lynn LaVoie The Gallery College of Beauty, Clinton Township, Mich. We have cameras in the cash drawer area, dispensary and front stair entryway. We monitor the stairs in case of a slip and fall suit. When something is a real problem and you wish you had it on film – and you actually do – the film is priceless! Gary Trottier New England School of Hair Design, West Lebanon, N.H. Security Camera Benefits • • • • • Prevent employee theft Prevent shoplifting Employee training tool Prevent harassment Can reduce insurance Premiums and taxes • Prevent vandalism • Control product pricing B E A U T YL INK | TO O LS O F T H E T R A D E 2 0 0 9 | 45

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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2
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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2