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Q | feat ure | R Early War ning Indic ator s Why a Canary can save your school from financial ruin Greg g Me ikle john , Enrollm e n t Res o urces In c . t the advent of the Industrial Revolution, there was a sudden accelerated demand for coal. This was very dangerous work, and you would think the main way in which these poor fellows would expire would be through the collapse of these poorly designed tunnels. While tunnel collapses did occur, the greatest risk for coal miners was death by methane gas, a natural but lethal byproduct of coal. Over 60 years of commitment to the professional salon industry. Head of the Class A Life-Saving Innovation The coal miners and barons went scrambling for an innovation that would solve the issue. The innovation came in the form of a benign little bird, the Canary. Through testing, they realized this little creature had an extremely sensitive respiratory system and would die when exposed to traces or dilutions of methane gas that would not kill a human. Miners would take Canaries into the coal mines, watching constantly for signs the little birds would suddenly keel over. Canaries in coal mines saved tens of thousands of lives and allowed for the mass production of coal, thus accelerating the Industrial Revolution through a crucial stage of development. Coal, Canaries and Enrollment Management? Accountants have early signals that warn an enterprise of financial risk. For example, ratios such as Average Days Outstanding can quickly identify the relative health of one’s receivables. While prevalent in finance, few schools have early warning systems in marketing, admissions and retention. Without an active market and happy and loyal customers, faculty and administrators 800.222.8160 414.977.1449 Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing.. King Research is a Registered Trademark of BlueCo Brands 50 | B EA U TY LIN K | T O O LS O F T HE T RADE 2 0 0 9

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2

Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2
Message from the AACS President and CEA Chair
The Workings of Washington
The Ergonomics of Cosmetology
Creating the Perfect Brow
Smart Technology
Is Your Web Site Hooking Visitors?
And Then There's Compliance
Voices from the Classroom
Marketing to Male Clientele
Lasers in the Esthetics Industry: Past, Present and Future
Unemployment’s Influence
2009 AACS Select Industry Partners
The Less Common Road
Candid Cameras
Regulatory Issues
CEA Convention
Early Warning Indicators
Beauty Schools 101
Multicultural Corner
Upcoming Events
New Products & Services
People & Places
2009 AACS Spring Management Conference
New School Member Profile
Look Who's Reading
Index to Advertisers

Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2