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Q | a a cs ne w me mber prof ile | R OLD TOWN BARBER & BEAUTY COLLEGE Lo r i Fe rg u son , Ol d To w n Barb e r & Bea u t y Coll ege D irec t o r ; inte r v ie wed b y Chr i s Cox , A ACS P is located in Wichita. in March of 1955. 68 Please say hello to one of the newest members of AACS, Old Town Barber & Beauty College. The school is located in Kansas and Lori Ferguson, the school’s director, recently took a few minutes out of one of her busy days to answer some questions for our BeautyLink readers. AACS: Hello Lori. First of all, where in Kansas is the school located? Lori Ferguson (LF): Old Town Barber & Beauty College AACS: When did your school open? LF: The school first opened AACS: What inspired the school’s original founders to create Old Town Barber & Beauty College (OTBBC)? LF: The original founders were barbers themselves and they really wanted to be able to teach their craft to others. A A C S : A s t h e s c h o o l ’s d i r e c t o r, w h a t i s y o u r biggest challenge? LF: My biggest challenge goes hand-in-hand with the school’s. I taught barberstyling full time for seven years and now teach part-time after taking the director position. I know what it takes to make a program successful and it’s called “hard work.” AACS: What programs does the school offer? LF: We offer barber styling, cosmetology and hairstyling. AACS: What is the best part of your job? LF: The best part of AACS: Does OTBBC specialize in any one area of cosmetology education? LF: Our program is very diverse and includes the teaching of ethnic hair care. my job is working with students and making a positive difference in their lives. It fills my heart to see them succeed and know that we care about them. AACS: How many students are enrolled at your school? LF: We currently have 40 students enrolled. AACS: What goals do you have for 2009? LF: We want to keep moving forward in educating and placing hair care professionals in this field. AACS: How many employees do you have right now? LF: Right now we have eight employees. AACS: Are there plans to eventually open any branch campuses? LF: No, not at this time. AACS: Why did OTBBC decide to join AACS? LF: We joined in order to stay informed and up-to-date with news and information in the hair care/education industry. We would like to thank Lori for her time and to once again welcome Old Town Barber & Beauty College to the AACS community! For more information, visit AACS: How long have you been with OTBBC? LF: I have been with OTBBC for eight years and graduated from barber styling 24 years ago, from this very school. AACS: What is the school’s biggest challenge right now? LF: I would have to say that our biggest challenge is building the teaching team that we need to best educate our students. We have had some turn-over in staff lately. | B EA U TY LIN K | T O O LS O F T HE T RADE 2 0 0 9

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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2
Message from the AACS President and CEA Chair
The Workings of Washington
The Ergonomics of Cosmetology
Creating the Perfect Brow
Smart Technology
Is Your Web Site Hooking Visitors?
And Then There's Compliance
Voices from the Classroom
Marketing to Male Clientele
Lasers in the Esthetics Industry: Past, Present and Future
Unemployment’s Influence
2009 AACS Select Industry Partners
The Less Common Road
Candid Cameras
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CEA Convention
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Beauty Schools 101
Multicultural Corner
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2009 AACS Spring Management Conference
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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 2