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Q | feat ure | R What’sDo with It? Trend Got to Su za n n e Mulro y, Mark e t De vel o p m e nt Ma n age r, Mil a dy walked into chaotic energy and a whirl of noise, bouncy hair and perfectly sculpted brows everywhere. I had arrived for my hair appointment and not a minute too soon; my overgrown roots had cast a shadow around my hairline and my attempt at trying to grow my hair out from a pixie had left me needing some style to my style. I was excited to talk to my stylist about the latest looks and trends and whether they would work for me. I sat down and asked this trained beauty aficionado for her expert opinion on how I should look. After all, isn’t that part of the service? I looked to her expertise on all things current. To my utter disappointment, she really had no opinion and no suggestions, other than a variation of what we had been doing all along. Chances are I probably wouldn’t be back. Sixty percent of clients leave their stylist because of indifference. Think about that for a moment. More than half of your clientele will leave because they did not feel taken care of. How do we overcome indifference? The antidote is simple: inspiration and passion. As educators, paving the way for future generations of beauty professionals, we sometimes lose our own inspiration and passion. It’s easy to do with all the requirements, lessons to teach and fires to put out. Inspiration and passion are triggered through stimulation, and one way to stimulate your students’ imagination is to give them the opportunity to tap into what inspires them as an artist and a professional. Begin by holding discussions on current and past trends and how they can be translated to their current clientele. This should bring up some laughter and fun conversation. And if they can translate current trends into something wearable and appropriate for their 85-year-old roller set, think about what they can do for the rest of their clientele. Creating – and we are all creative – is the best way to unleash inspiration and passion and, at the same time, improve technique. Using trends encourages your students to open their minds to the possibilities, a definite prerequisite for design. We want our students to understand that there are no rules to fashion, beauty, hair or makeup – not anymore. We get to choose. Trends help guide us but they never dictate what we do. Help students design their own haircuts, hair color patterns, skin treatments, nail designs, etc. Hold fashion shows, photo shoots and contests to promote your students’ work. There is no better remedy for self-confidence than to see their creations come to life. 32 | B EA U TY LIN K | LINKS T O SUCCE SS 2 0 0 9 I Resources to Stimulate Your Imagination theEdge by Milady (metroluxe and muse editions): These great DVDs combine design and technique to stimulate inspiration and passion There are some great resources to help guide you as well as stimulate your own inspiration and passion. Don’t do it alone. Your students are your best resource for trends. Tap into their knowledge and step back as they translate what you have taught them into creative and unique designs. As clients, educators, school owners and students, trends point us in a direction, guiding and giving credibility in our chosen field. Our clients have come to expect that our knowledge goes beyond the basics; they choose us because we care enough to know what is happening in our industry and we care enough that when they leave us, they look and feel their best. I have since found a passionate and inspired stylist who keeps me looking current and beautiful. I look forward to my visits because I leave feeling inspired. I thank her every time I blow-dry my hair. Suzanne Mulroy has 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. Some of her contributions include: producing workshops at Fred Segal Beauty for professional and novices alike interested in pursuing a career in film, TV and fashion; director of operations for a multi-million dollar Beverly Hill spa, overseeing a 5-milliondollar sales territory; and traveling the world as an international speaker.

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Beauty Link - Volume 1, Issue 3
Message From the AACS President and CEA Chair
AACS Convention: Building Essential Links to Success
Fall Manicure Trends
Multicultural Corner
Superstar Graduates
Don’t Forget to “Shake It Off”
Going Green and Saving Green
Beauty Schools 101
What’s Trend Got to Do with It?
Regulatory Issues
Creating a Standout Portfolio
The Evolution of Success
Successful Inspiration
Voices from the Classroom
And Then There's Compliance
2009 CEA Convention Photos
Cimaglia Award Winners Defi ne Success
The Workings of Washington
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Defining History: The Westmores of Hollywood
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Beauty Link - volume 1, issue 3