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Q | feat ure | R i-Fabulous Creating the Very Best Version of You Carlos Valenzuela, Chief Officer, Carlos Valenzuela Resources, LLC “You were born Fabulous. Something made you change your mind. Don’t let dreams go because you are too afraid to reach for them. A life lived doing only what you do well is a very limiting one. i-Fabulous asks you accept the risk and reap the rewards.” — CARLOS VALENZUELA d I. II. iscover the magic inside you with i-Fabulous, Creating the Very Best Version of You, a new experiential program all about personal reinvention. i-Fabulous focuses on creating a positive energy and momentum that spills over to all areas of life. THE ELEVEN KEYS TO I-FABULOUS Move Out of Your Comfort Zone Core Concept: Being vulnerable; healthy risk-taking. A protective shell is around you which comes about from past experiences. Identify this shell, which often portrays itself as shyness, anger, jealousy and fear, and move beyond it. It is better to be vulnerable than resentful. influences that keep you up and positive. Don’t place your successful lifestyle eggs in one basket. Health, exercise, positive thinking, planning and kindness are the elements on which a good attitude grows. What you think is what you become. IV. Fess Up! III. Stay the Course Wear a Fabulous Attitude Core Concept: addressing negative thinking. A positive attitude does not depend on any one element, but on a host of Core Concept: prioritizing, sustainability, time management. Don’t give up on your dreams, because when you do the world gives up on them as well. The world is waiting for your contribution. Core Concept: accountability, honesty, working with others. Never say a negative thing about anyone else, ever. If you cultivate this trait you will be very powerful. Remember, privacy exists only in your head. Imagine everything you say and do blasted out as an email to everyone you know. Learn to be accountable for what you think, say and do. V. Dump the Losers Core Concept: peer pressure effects on personal and professional life. A loser is B E A U T YL INK | B E A U T I FU L WO R L D | 2 0 1 1 | 43

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 3

2011 AACS Convention Navigating the New Beauty Landscape
In Memoriam: Leo Passage Pivot Point International Founder and Mentor
It’s a Beautiful World Externally Popular Looks from the Stone Age to the Digital Age
2011 Nicholas F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year Award
Managing Risk in a Litigious Society
A 21st-Century Mindset: Teaching Methods for the Non-Traditional Student
i-Fabulous: Creating the Very Best Version of You
Clearing the Air: Understanding Rights, Responsibilities and Medical Marijuana
Make a Difference in Our Beautiful World: Two Ways to Keep Mannequin Heads Out of Landfills
Styling the Brave: Beauty Careers on Military Bases
Overcoming the Stereotype: Apply Sport Clips Marketing Principles to Attract More Male Students
Making Positive Connections Through Touch
Overcoming Challenges: Stories of Inspiration Part Two of a Two-Part Series
CEA Annual Convention Photo Spread
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 3