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Q | feat ure | R Styling the Brave Beauty Careers on Military Bases Laura Bradley, Freelance Writer O ften, the hardest part of establishing your career is getting started: finding a place to work and hair to style. But these problems are easily solved if graduates know where to look. With countless locations, both within the U.S. and abroad, military bases are accessible to many graduates and provide rewarding, steady work from day one. Tom Hebert, operations manager for Gino Morena Enterprises, LLC, detailed the benefits to working in this niche, pointing out many problems most graduates face and the solutions bases provide. First things first: building clientele is a process that can take months, even years! Hebert explained that one of the primary benefits to working on a military base is that stylists are supplied with a clientele (and, at least at Gino Morena Enterprises, all of the styling products and supplies they need). Since there are so many military men and families on base, salons are constantly busy. There is a lot more to do than buzz cuts in these salons; the demand from military families means that these full-service salons do everything: cuts, colors, ethnic hair treatments, conditioning treatments, beard trimming and more. With customers already lining up for these various services, much of the stress that new graduates face is instantly eliminated. Thinking in longer terms, there is also the rewarding aspect of community. Stylists have the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with their returning customers, some of the bravest people in the nation. There is also a pragmatic benefit to working on base: a steady, unwavering demand for service. While most job markets are linked to the economy, shrinking and expanding in correlation, Hebert points out that this industry is a little different. “Since we operate on the military base, we’re not affected by the economy; we’re busy! Business is good… We don’t see fluctuations in the year; business is steady.” When demand remains high, the job supply remains high. On top of the prestige and security that comes with the job, there is also the convenience that comes with applying. There are no special requirements to work on a military base. In fact, since military bases are on federal land, stylists with a license from any U.S. SINCE MILITARY BASES ARE ON FEDERAL LAND, STYLISTS WITH A LICENSE FROM ANY U.S. STATE CAN TRANSFER IN SMOOTHLY AND SIMPLY. THE HASSLE OF NEGOTIATING VARYING DIFFERENT STATES’ REQUIREMENTS IS CUT OUT OF THE PICTURE... B E A U T YL INK | B E A U T I FU L WO R L D | 2 0 1 1 | 55

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2011 AACS Convention Navigating the New Beauty Landscape
In Memoriam: Leo Passage Pivot Point International Founder and Mentor
It’s a Beautiful World Externally Popular Looks from the Stone Age to the Digital Age
2011 Nicholas F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year Award
Managing Risk in a Litigious Society
A 21st-Century Mindset: Teaching Methods for the Non-Traditional Student
i-Fabulous: Creating the Very Best Version of You
Clearing the Air: Understanding Rights, Responsibilities and Medical Marijuana
Make a Difference in Our Beautiful World: Two Ways to Keep Mannequin Heads Out of Landfills
Styling the Brave: Beauty Careers on Military Bases
Overcoming the Stereotype: Apply Sport Clips Marketing Principles to Attract More Male Students
Making Positive Connections Through Touch
Overcoming Challenges: Stories of Inspiration Part Two of a Two-Part Series
CEA Annual Convention Photo Spread
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 3