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Q | feat ure | R OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: of Inspiration Part Two of a Two-Part Series Stories [ per·se·ver·ance ] Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a S state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. ome of the best examples of perseverance can be seen in our students. Every individual faces challenges during their life, and our students are no exception. However, with their minds set on a career in the beauty industry, when obstacles appear in their path they do what it takes to overcome them. Gina Kinion, beauty school owner in Missouri, shared her belief on how these students make it happen: “The reason they have overcome these challenges ... is because they had a belief that this industry could change their lives and allow them to live the life they have always wanted to live.” You know your students best, and when we reached out to you to share stories about obstacles your students have faced and overcame, we were flooded with responses. A DESIRE TO BECOME SELF-RELIANT WE HAVE RECENTLY graduated a manicurist (450) hours who suffered from several disabilities including being confined to a wheelchair most of the time and being only a few feet tall. Her parents were a great support for her but she had the desire to become selfreliant. She could do both pedicures and manicures, day she was driving too fast and her truck flipped into a field and her left arm got caught in the door. It was severed completely at the shoulder but was able to be reattached. She told us, “I woke up a week later to realize my world was upsidedown. Then a month later, my family and I moved 1,200 miles south to Florida. I spent the next year and a half in rehab, only requiring the help of other students to fill the pedicure tub with water. For manicures she would stay in her wheelchair, for pedicures she would carefully move herself onto a pedicure stool. She had a full-time service dog. During school her service dog could help her with only a few things such as picking up at item that had dropped on the floor. She was very self-sufficient and a real joy to be around. The students found the experience utterly amazing and very uplifting. She is now fully licensed and holding a job as a manicurist. Joseph C. Nash, Vogue School of Beauty Culture, Inc., Mishawaka, Indiana trying to think of how I was going to live. I had always been interested in cosmetology, so when I began looking at career paths my mom suggested nails. My parents are the reason I am as optimistic and eager for life. Once I started nails at Sunstate Academy, I knew I wanted to do the whole cosmetology program. It took a little while to convince the school I could do it. I spent a lot of time proving that I could do what anyone else could in school. Once I did, through perseverance and a lot of pain, I managed to graduate with a 90 percent grade average. My teachers were a mixture of support, guidance and trust. Sunstate Academy opened the door of cosmetology to me, and I have learned so much about the industry from them. I graduated second in my class, and it was one of the proudest days of my life.” Carrie smith, Sunstate Academy, Clearwater & Fort Meyers, Florida OPTIMISTIC AND EAGER WE HAVE A student who lost her arm in an auto accident and had it sewn back on. She has made a miraculous recovery – better than any doctor in the country even imagined. She is a small-town girl from Indiana who grew up on a farm of corn and beans. One 64 | B EA U TYLIN K | BE A U T IFU L W ORLD | 2 0 1 1 BEAUTY SAVED MY LIFE LASHAY WEDDINGTON HAS most definitely overcome challenges in her life. She had a winning essay for Ted Gibson’s Beauty

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2011 AACS Convention Navigating the New Beauty Landscape
In Memoriam: Leo Passage Pivot Point International Founder and Mentor
It’s a Beautiful World Externally Popular Looks from the Stone Age to the Digital Age
2011 Nicholas F. Cimaglia Educator of the Year Award
Managing Risk in a Litigious Society
A 21st-Century Mindset: Teaching Methods for the Non-Traditional Student
i-Fabulous: Creating the Very Best Version of You
Clearing the Air: Understanding Rights, Responsibilities and Medical Marijuana
Make a Difference in Our Beautiful World: Two Ways to Keep Mannequin Heads Out of Landfills
Styling the Brave: Beauty Careers on Military Bases
Overcoming the Stereotype: Apply Sport Clips Marketing Principles to Attract More Male Students
Making Positive Connections Through Touch
Overcoming Challenges: Stories of Inspiration Part Two of a Two-Part Series
CEA Annual Convention Photo Spread
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 3