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CMSA Incoming President’s Letter EXTRAORDINARY TIMES Call for Extraordinary Case Management I MARY BETH NEWMAN, MSN, RN-BC, CMAC, CCP, CCM CMSA PRESIDENT, 2011-2012 t’s an extraordinary and exciting time to be in health care, especially as a case management professional! Changes are happening at an unprecedented rate in terms of new ways of delivering and reimbursing health care. These include: • Implementing far-reaching initiatives made possible by the Accountable Care Act to improve the access, affordability, quality, and safety of health care in America. • Significant advancements in implementing patient-centered models of care. • An increasing degree of transparency, collaboration, and integration of clinical, financial, business, and technological entities. • A visibly stronger role of the health care consumer in the ever-evolving world of online information and social media. I believe that case management is the common denominator and the key to success in effectively managing the many forces of change we’re facing in today’s world of health care. The challenge we have is to make sense of it all in the context of our individual practice as well as for our profession — and CMSA is uniquely well positioned to do just that. STRENGTH IN DIVERSITY AND UNITY IN PRACTICE One of the hallmarks of our organization is its pluralistic nature. CMSA embraces case managers regardless of professional discipline, practice setting, skill level, or credentialing. CMSA is inclusive and multidisciplinary in its membership because the national Board believes that this diversity provides a significant source of strength that can be channeled into a unified set of priorities and mission-driven focus. Thus, our value as a professional association is driven not by profitability, but rather by the needs of our membership. THE PACE OF CHANGE REQUIRES A CHANGE IN PACE Keeping up with new models of care, new rules and regulations, new research and evidencebased practice, and new forms of technology is an ever-growing challenge. At the same time, we need to be nimble and ready to turn on a dime to take on new challenges and new levels of accountability never seen before. As my dear friend and fellow Board member Cristina Walter says, “To not be knowledgeable is to be negligible.” We all have a responsibility to raise our own awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the many changes happening around us – so that we can better help our patients and our professional colleagues to see the big picture of how we all fit in and what each of our roles is in promoting a system where quality patient-centered care is the norm. WE’VE COME A LONG WAY, BUT THERE’S MORE WORK TO BE DONE Thanks to the hard work, vision, and dedication of our past Presidents and Boards, and the amazing staff of CMI (CMSA’s “behind the scenes” management company), CMSA has already established a strong framework of tools and resources to guide case managers through the changing landscape of health care. Some of these tools and resources (just to name a few) include: • The Standards of Practice for Case Management – to support and guide individual practice. • The CM Model Act – to provide guidance to legislators, regulators, and other policymakers on the critical elements of a quality case management program. • The CMSA Today magazine and Professional Case Management journal – to help educate and enlighten us all on current topics and evidence-based practice. • The CM Resource Toolkit – an online searchable directory of resources for case management professionals. 10 CMSA TODAY Issue 2 • 2011

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CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2011
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CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2011