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CMSA Outgoing President’s Letter LIFE IS CHANGE We Can Handle It Together ife is change. It is a fact that either drives us to tackle something head on or get bowled over in the forward charge. In considering the changes facing case management, I thought about which side of that statement I saw myself on. Do I cling to how things have been or do I rise to the approaching challenge? Do I bemoan things I do not like and do nothing or do I take action to facilitate change? I see myself on the side of embracing change. Initially, I might stress over an issue but within a day I am well on my way to seeing opportunities, rather than obstacles, in the situation. Over the past year, it has been my responsibility to stay abreast of issues confronting us as health care professionals and my honor to oversee the strategic direction of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA). In that time I noted many forces applying pressure to our practice and to our organization. As I complete my term as President, I am assured that CMSA is facing into the wind and ready to navigate the uncharted territory that lies ahead with grace and confidence. In this first publication of CMSA Today magazine, I thought it would be helpful to identify a couple of the challenges that lie ahead, specifically the retreat into silos of practice and the growing presence of for-profit concerns seeking to capitalize on the case management consumer market. Unity was a key point of my acceptance speech at last year’s annual conference and has been core to my efforts in working with other organizations this year. Leveraging areas of shared concern to benefit the whole is the only strategy that is going to move our practice forward. Fixating on issues that divide us will surely detract from the strength of our message, as well as the influence we are able to apply to effect positive changes. When looking at fracturing forces within case management today, probably the one that is of greatest concern is the reaction to focus solely on a single area within case management. CMSA has always sought to find common ground across the diversity of our practice, as well as across the aisle with other health care organizations. CMSA does not discriminate in membership based on educational background, licensure, practice setting, certification status, or other criteria. Our doors are open to those who wish to join us to continue the tradition of collaboration irrespective of special interests. Our value to health care is in the simple fact that case management is a cooperative effort. More work gets accomplished when forces pull together behind a common cause. So, why does it sometimes seem that case management is moving in the opposite direction? CMSA will continue to offer the common voice of strength for the advancement of our professional practice. The second point I raise is that of case management as a consumer market. Case management fits prominently into the health care reform landscape. As a result, companies seeking to generate revenue from our ranks have been circling. Many approaches are being applied to determine the most advantageous entry point in order to exploit the possibilities. This attention brings growth of career opportunities as well as tools needed to facilitate case management practice. Software, mobile apps, communication tools, and practice management aids are just the tip of the iceberg of what we will be seeing in the coming months. It is a very exciting time of growth and development of products and services that will serve us in our work. How we, as professional consumers, respond to the market impacts the evolution of these resources. Case management is a recognized asset in health care today. Health systems too numerous to count are leveraging our unique blend of clinical, industry, and business knowledge combined with our abilities to facilitate care, maximize benefit dollars, advocate for our patients and their caregivers, and coach individuals toward more proactive management of their own health care. It is clear that the value of case management is in the holistic and comprehensive approach to working as an integral member of the health care team. The balance of our skills is like a symphony in which each instrument contributes to the whole. While I love the beauty of a solo, it is the L TERESA M. TREIGER, RN-BC, MA, CCM, CCP CMSA PRESIDENT, 2010-2011 8 CMSA TODAY Issue 2 • 2011

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CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2011
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CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2011