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Ethics Casebook continued from page 29 Association News continued from page 22 them of the research findings if doing so is reasonable, and maintain their welfare during their research participation. PLUS ONE MORE. Perhaps I can add one of my own: Insuring that any conflicts of interest do not contaminate the research findings. The case manager who is doing research that assesses the value of some new informational technology but whose husband is the regional sales manager of the IT company is probably too conflicted to participate in such a project. Again, we recall that the ultimate purpose of research is to benefit consumers, not the researchers themselves. Just like anyone doing scientific research, case managers who do research must remind themselves that when their findings are disseminated – to other case managers, to research sponsors, to professional groups interested in or affiliated with case management, and to the public at large – those findings are understood to be the truth. Thus, no matter how well intentioned it is, poorly conducted research seems unethical in and by itself because it can mislead and harm people. Good research and ethical research go hand in hand, so it is incumbent upon case management researchers to proceed with exquisite methodological care and with a keen eye on the potential benefits and burdens that can accrue to their research participants and their clients. ■ As the leading membership association dedicated to the support and professional development of case managers, CMSA is pleased to offer Extended Conference again this year. Whether you attended the annual conference in San Francisco and didn’t have a chance to attend all of the sessions on your list, or you weren’t able to attend the 2012 event, you will soon be able to attend sessions in the Extended Conference and earn CE credits online at your convenience. Head to CMSA’s Extended Conference page for additional information on the launch and session offerings: CMSA’S EXTENDED CONFERENCE September 1! Help promote the case management industry and celebrate case managers everywhere who truly deserve a badge of honor for the work they do for others. Consider using these items to share and celebrate with your co-workers, donate to chapter meetings for door prizes, recognize your boss, or even to treat yourself! Get great ideas for CM Week celebrations, order fun promotional products and download items including the CM Week graphic and the CMSA Celebration & Promotion Guide at ■ 2012 NATIONAL CASE MANAGEMENT WEEK National Case Management Week 2012, October 14-20, 2012, is your chance to celebrate case managers and the case management industry! Case Management Week items are now available online; order by CMSA Index of Advertisers AIR AMBULANCE Aviation West Charters Inc dba Angel Med Flight...........Inside Front Cover BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc.........Outside Back Cover CASE MANAGEMENT GENEX Services, Inc. .... Inside Back Cover DISABILITY MANAGEMENT GENEX Services, Inc. .... Inside Back Cover HOME HEALTH CARE CareMinders® Home Care, Inc. ............ Inside Back Cover INFUSION THERAPY Walgreen Co. ..........................................4 LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES Kindred Healthcare, Inc........................ 20 MANAGED CARE GENEX Services, Inc. .... Inside Back Cover REHABILITATION SERVICES Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers ..............6 TRANSPORTATION Critical Care Medflight ............................3 About the Author John Banja, Ph.D. is a professor of rehabilitation medicine and a medical ethicist at Emory University in Atlanta. He sat on the Commission for Case Manager Certification Board for six years and speaks frequently at case management conferences. He can be reached at 30 CMSA TODAY Issue 6 • 2012 • DIGITAL

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VA Connecticut Healthcare System Improves Cancer Care
Operation: We Care
The Path to Payment for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs

CMSA Today - Issue 6, 2012