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South African Perspective South African Perspective: Hospital to Home – A Comparative View of the Transitions of Care BY ERNA VAN ROOYEN, RN, CCM, PCC South African perspective on the transition persp of care is covered in this article; however, the article highlights th challenges faced by the the South African case manager versus the more supmanag ported case manager of the United States. th South Africa and the United States may be miles apart. However, of note, is the similarity of specific not environments within managed health care between the two countries. Having said this, co it is obvious that th South African managed the health care marke has not reached levels of market quality and efficie efficiency within case management that compares to the United States and compa its achievements. This is concerning to the Case Manager Association of South Africa and Asso practicing case managers of South Africa. man South Africa has i own unique challenges its to face (i.e. extreme poverty, mostly unknown po in First World societies); large remote, rural soc areas; and inf informal settlements that are virtually inaccessible through conveninac tional transp transport. These factors, together with others, such as the country’s staggering 10-20% of the population 10being HIV-positive are a combination of the challenges that prevent an inhibit the quality and and efficiency of the transition of care of a patient. efficiency To gain a true understanding of the everyday chalundersta lenges of national health care in South Africa, it is cruc cial to understand that only an estimated 8,065,505 on (as of 2009) of the population of 49.99-million (from populat mid-2010): is covered by p private medical care. CMSA TODAY 12 Issue 6 • 2011

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PRESIDENT’S LETTER CASE MANAGEMENT WITHOUT BORDERS: Promoting a Global View and a Universal Understanding
Canadian Perspective A Systems Level Approach to Safe and Effective Care
South African Perspective Hospital to Home – Comparative View of Transitions of Care
Cuban Perspective From Cuba to Milwaukee: Community-Oriented Health Care
VIEW FROM CAPITOL HILL PPC’s Busy Schedule Equates to Changes on the Health Care Front
ETHICS CASEBOOK Advocacy in Case Management: What Are the Limits?
MENTORING MATTERS Improving the Mentorship Role through Feedback This Is a Marathon – Not a Sprint
CASE MANAGEMENT AND THE LAW Deploying Case Management Programs to Reduce Legal Risks

CMSA Today - Issue 6, 2011