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CMSA View from Capitol Hill PPC’s Busy Schedule Equates to Changes on the Health Care Front BY MARGARET LEONARD, MS, RN-BC, FNP he past few months have been extremely busy on the health care public policy front. Public Policy Committee (PPC) members, legislative liaisons, and the task force on multistate licensure (MSL) have each met several times to discuss strategies, give progress reports, and share accomplishments and new ideas. On the MSL front, many strides were made in several states such as Florida and Massachusetts, where new ground was broken with the Legislature and the State Board for Nursing. Illinois continues its good fight in spite of a setback in the timing of bringing MSL to the floor for a vote. All of these efforts were lead by members of the PPC and supported by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). The MSL conference call meetings are very interesting. Visit CMSA’s website for more information or contact Ashton Randle to receive MSL task force meeting notices. On the national front, there continues to be interest on both sides of the aisle and from members of both Houses in our Case Management Model Act, which outlines the Standards and qualifications for case managers and case management. Look for more information about this campaign as it develops on CMSA’s online Public Policy Communities and the Policy Makers web page at Case Management Week this year led to a new campaign for the PPC. First, I want to thank all the Chapters – leaders and members – for the outstanding work done around Case Management Week this year. Cathy Campbell, the Chapter Presidents’ Council Representative to the National CMSA Board of Directors, encouraged chapter presidents to share their stories about how their chapter celebrated Case Management Week. To the PPC’s delight, Michele Lee and Nikki Jackson, CMSA staff, received emails from dozens of chapters reporting they had received official “resolutions and proclamations” from local and state legislators acknowledging CM Week. The PPC collected copies of these resolutions and is using them to launch a campaign on the federal level to establish a T National CM Week. This will be one of the agenda items we will be lobbying for during our next Public Policy Summit, in Washington, D.C., on April 10, 2012. When our legislators visit with our members, they hear firsthand how case managers are making a difference in people’s lives, the quality of care and the cost of care to the system and taxpayers. Ask your chapter if they are supporting the summit by sponsoring attendance of a representative from their chapter to the PP Summit. Watch the CMSA website for details. Federally, initiatives such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Health Homes continue to highlight care coordination services as a strategy to improve the delivery of integrated care to the nation’s most vulnerable and highest utilizing populations by addressing medical, behavioral health, and socio-economic issues impacting their health. The Health Home initiative has federal dollars attached. The federal government will match 90 percent of the individual state’s dollars for eight quarters to implement care coordination strategies. This match is making it very difficult for states to ignore this program, which showcases the interventions case managers excel at – integrating and coordinating care. This is an excellent opportunity for case managers to get into the game representing a major stakeholder group –case managers. I urge you to explore these initiatives in your state. I am in New York. My organization will be applying for Health Home status in our state. It is a wonderful opportunity to implement case management and care coordination programs. Please feel free to contact me, if you would like to discuss further. Your CMSA PPC is on the move and I am anxious to keep you abreast of the issues we feel are or will be impacting your practice and the health care arena as it pertains to you and your family and friends. If you would like to learn more about the issues or become involved in the political process at another level, please contact Ashton Randle at About the Author Margaret (Peggy) Leonard is CMSA’s Public Policy Committee chair and Senior Vice President for Clinical Services at Hudson Health Plan. 22 CMSA TODAY Issue 6 • 2011

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PRESIDENT’S LETTER CASE MANAGEMENT WITHOUT BORDERS: Promoting a Global View and a Universal Understanding
Canadian Perspective A Systems Level Approach to Safe and Effective Care
South African Perspective Hospital to Home – Comparative View of Transitions of Care
Cuban Perspective From Cuba to Milwaukee: Community-Oriented Health Care
VIEW FROM CAPITOL HILL PPC’s Busy Schedule Equates to Changes on the Health Care Front
ETHICS CASEBOOK Advocacy in Case Management: What Are the Limits?
MENTORING MATTERS Improving the Mentorship Role through Feedback This Is a Marathon – Not a Sprint
CASE MANAGEMENT AND THE LAW Deploying Case Management Programs to Reduce Legal Risks

CMSA Today - Issue 6, 2011