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CMSA View from Capitol Hill Public Policy: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead BY ASHTONTHEODORE RANDLE T his was an exceptional year for the CMSA Public Policy Committee and the Association as the organization continues to engage policy makers in Washington and in state capitals around the country. As the leading voice for case managers, CMSA engages with policy makers, industry partners, and other health care leaders to bring case management expertise to the policymaking table. Health care policy continues to dominate the news and is on the forefront of the nation’s public policy agenda. As one of the Association’s four strategic pillars, CMSA continues to pursue an active public policy program. The CMSA leadership charges the Public Policy Committee with the task of keeping the membership engaged in these activities. This year, as in the past, the Public Policy Committee enthusiastically embraces its role and continues to build upon previous successes. Each public policy victory enhances CMSA’s position as the leader in establishing policy to protect the case management profession and the patients they serve. One of CMSA’s primary public policy goals remains raising visibility of case managers and the important role they play in the effective delivery of health care. In addition, the Committee works tirelessly with local volunteer liaisons to engage and educate CMSA’s membership on the role public policy plays in their profession on a day-to-day basis. KEY MILESTONES IN 2012 INCLUDE: Grassroots: Organization and Activation Expansion of the local liaison network and chapter level public policy committees. The liaison network and local chapter committees are critical for helping to inform and engage the membership on potential legislation and regulation impacting the profession. Perhaps most important, the expansion at the local chapter level arms CMSA with an active grassroots network for information exchange at both the state and federal levels. participation and interest, 2012 marked the 3rd annual event in the nation’s capital. The 2012 Summit included a rare opportunity to attend educational sessions in the U.S. Capitol Building. Attendees expressed awe and amazement at the opportunity to participate in educational sessions in a setting with such historical significance for all Americans. The Summit concludes with Congressional visits, where teams of veteran and novice case managers banded together for educational visits to state senate and congressional offices. Expertise Sharing and Input: Federal and State Regulation The leadership of CMSA has been working with members of Congress and officials in the Administration on the development of health policy. Meeting at the White House, the CMSA Executive team provided input on the National Quality Strategy. This request continues to raise the visibility of CMSA as a leader in health policy at the federal level. In addition to providing expertise on the federal level, CMSA chapters have also engaged with regional offices of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide state level experience to policy development. CMSA Public Policy Summit: Washington, D.C. The 2012 CMSA Public Policy summit, held in Washington, D.C., was another step in advancing the profession. This national event brings case managers together for face-to-face discussions with policy makers. With increasing MSL Taskforce Expansion: Nurse Licensure Compact NLC The Multistate Licensure Task Force continues to lead the charge in working to add states to the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). Monthly conference calls and updates have helped to organize effective grassroots efforts in non-compact states. The expansive network and efforts of the task force have contributed to the introduction of MSL legislation in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Minnesota. continued on page 18 12 CMSA TODAY Issue 8 • 2012 • DIGITAL

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