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CMSA Mentoring Matters Promoting Best Practice in Case Management Through Self-Mentoring BY WENDY DEVREUGD, RN, BSN, PHN, FNP, CCDS, MBA What do you want to be in case management practice? practice, such as the CMSA Model Act ( • Build a Case Management “Tool Box” Start by establishing an Internet common drive (through your Information Services department) that your case managers can easily access on their computers. Build the site and load it with useful tools, documents, policies and procedures, orientation and onboarding materials, education, and trainings. Give them web links to easily access the most frequently used tools. entoring is a support tool not only for new case managers, but for experienced case managers, too. And mentoring is not always done by others, for others! Consider that you can also mentor YOURSELF though self-directed choices and by creating “pathways” to easily update yourself – and what you know – through methods of research. You will also have the opportunity to share new knowledge with your peers in case management practice on a more frequent basis. Consistently building upon one’s existing knowledge base also causes a “snowballing” effect in team growth by example and influence. The most important benefit in this competency-building approach is the future effect on the recipients: your patients. Here’s how you do it. M • Benchmarking The process of “benchmarking” means seeking best practice and standards through research, most commonly through screening of published articles or reputable websites and comparing to one’s CM practice and goals. Newer models in evidenced-based practice are constantly being introduced through publication and research, and the average case manager may view these for discussion. Identifying the “gap analysis” between what exists in your practice or department, where you may want to be in skills and outcomes, and comparing that information with the benchmarking of best practice models published is a good way to start to grow. Virtually any subject you want to look up is available on Internet libraries and websites if you know the right places to look. Start with establishing your subject list from your job accountabilities and product lines and where you want to improve. Then, invest a little time to create the links to the information on your computer for easy access. Some examples are noted on page 18. continued on page 18 The Pursuit of Best Practice We are always so busy with our jobs and trying to maintain work-life balance, and we usually save time for personal knowledge updates through the most common ways: attending annual conferences and reading available journals or magazines. However, creating other access pathways to websites (and placing the website “links “on one’s computer as “Favorites”) is an easy way to quickly scan best practices and updates in the case management field. You can then dedicate a small amount of time in your schedule to “eyeball” research or article topics on a daily or weekly basis. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that research can be easy, with good information at your fingertips on Internet sites. You can research topics you need 16 CMSA TODAY to find out more about, so that you are better able speak to it in your position (diagnoses, ACOs, bundled practice, care transition bundles and roles, transplant program protocols, disease management programs, etc… to mention a few subjects). You can then share the resource with others who may need it. This pathway provides the opportunity for introduction and higher integration of best practice standards into case management practice by stimulating ideas and building your knowledge base as you practice. • Existing standards and resources Start with the basic study of CMSA’s Standards of Practice ( sop) and build upon that base. Also, study existing models of program best Issue 8 • 2012 • DIGITAL

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