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Passion in CM Passion in Case Management: The Best Kept Secret! BY JANET COULTER, RN, MSN, MS, CCM and BARBARA MACKEY-ZEIGLER, RN, BSN, CCM W e all have stories to tell, passions to express, and lives we have touched. Case management should not be the best kept secret in this golden age of opportunity! We, as case managers navigate, advocate, coordinate, and collaborate using evidence-based tools to put our Standards of Practice into action. Case managers “connect the dots” to improve health outcomes in a fragmented health care system. “The key to wisdom is knowing the right questions.” John Simone WHAT DO YOU FEEL MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT? We have many passions both personal and professional. MerriamWebster dictionary defines passion as a “strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.”1 Case managers have a strong desire to impact health care across the continuum. Once identified, passion needs to be shared with our peers to strengthen our profession and grow our communities. opportunities outside your comfort zone. Utilize critical thinking skills to publish in professional journals, conduct research to support our profession, and build the body of knowledge. What resources are available to help you grow your passion? Cultivate your passion with the many resources available: online tools (e.g., mentors, educational opportunities, presentations/workshops, your local chapter, National CMSA, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest). With the multitude of resources available in our industry, we can learn new ways to communicate, collaborate, problem solve, and grow our passions. HOW CAN YOU SHARE YOUR PASSION? • Baby steps - relax - start small • Make your voice heard - it is an active process! • Become active in your local CMSA chapter or create a local chapter • Regularly attend chapter meetings • Volunteer at the chapter committee level • Consider nomination to the local Chapter Board of Directors • Attend the National CMSA Conference • Present at the National CMSA Conference • Learn about Public Policy • Attend CMSA’s Public Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. • Volunteer on a national CMSA committee or task force • Publish an article for a professional journal, chapter newsletter, local newspaper, CMSA’s Chapter Dispatch • Become a mentor • Serve our communities • Advocate case management to the community, local politicians and media • Discover and explore health care resources using social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) • Share passion with colleagues HOW DO YOU GROW AND SHARE YOUR PASSION? Growth is a unique ongoing process influenced by our experiences, professional relationships, education, and resources. Take time to grow! Cultivate your passion with great care and then begin the harvest! Share your passion by giving back through service, mentoring and involvement in your professional organization. Explore growth 1 dictionary/passion CMSA TODAY Issue 8 • 2012 • DIGITAL 8

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CMSA Today - Issue 8, 2012