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Public Policy Summit History Repeats Itself 2012 Public Policy Summit, April 23-24 BY CAROL A. GLEASON, MM, RN, CRRN, CCM, LRC, BCPC VICE CHAIRMAN, CMSA PUBLIC POLICY COMMITTEE W e all have heard about the benefits case managers/ care coordinators add to the valuable and essential role of health care delivery. We know how to manage health care costs, especially with decreasing resources and with higher patient/client expectations from each case management (CM) intervention. We know how to educate and advise those we serve in plans for their next level of care. Why do we know this? The answer is simple: WE ARE THE EXPERTS! The political setting we are about to face in this election year makes it even more critical that we believe in our own values and expertise. (Often we make our work look so easy and seamless, other members of our health care team may not realize how hard we truly work!) We must educate not only politicians, but the public we are fortunate to serve. We need to speak out to demonstrate our value as to why CM is important in assisting and implementing solutions for health care delivery in EVERY possible setting. This is how our CMSA Summit in Washington, D.C. began. In our term on the Board of Directors (BOD) for CMSA, Peggy Leonard, CMSA’s Public Policy Committee (PPC) Chairman and I began our initial grassroots efforts by working with the BOD to make them aware of how important, easy, and fun it is to exercise one’s rights as a citizen on Capitol Hill. We started small, by meeting and teaching legislators within our own states: the role of CM, shared our Standards of Practice, and offered to be of professional assistance to them with any health care issues they faced. The BOD found they were sincerely listened to and felt proud of their ability to make a difference through education. This is what we needed to do – spark reactivation of the PPC! We worked on a PPC Charter and members applied for PPC positions. Next, we developed the role of a Chapter Liaison Program to encourage each Chapter to have two members join in our efforts and be our local contacts for any issues needing immediate Chapter knowledge and attention for national support. Two liaisons were critical, to have each develop a contact with a senator in their state (both on a national and local level). We also encouraged and offered support to each Chapter to develop a PPC (a Chapter benefit the PPC continues to make available). As each year has progressed, we have had unanimous BOD support to return to Washington. Our membership going to the Hill has increased with each Lobby Day event. With the help of many, we were able to expand our experiences to the Educational Summit we offer to members today. It is a time for case managers to learn the political process, meet legislators and colleagues, and share their experiences. Most importantly, it allows members of CMSA’s BOD, PPC, and all in our organizational staff take YOU by the hand to teach/show you how to exercise your rights to have your issues heard by legislators. I fervently believe each legislator, regardless of political affiliation, goes to work daily to try to discuss and develop laws that meet the needs of all Americans. We all bring something different to the discussion table due to the different issues that affect us. That is what we need legislators to understand. This is why CMSA made organizational history with the development of our CM Model Act. We want legislators to understand we are licensed professionals and give them examples on how to incorporate CM value in any health care legislation. At our Public Policy Summit on April 23-24, 2012, we will bring our expertise, information about our CM Model Act, and opportunities for legislators to mingle with all participants. Let us de-mystify the legislative process, show you how case managers can effect change, offer you the mentoring and tools to bring back to your Chapter, state, and local officials so that all policy makers and stakeholders will know the benefit of CM in all areas of health care. ■ ISSUE 2 • 2012 • DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 9

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2012 Public Policy Summit, April 23-24
Aligning Professional Ethics with Innovation: Licensure Portability’s Predicament
Can You Hear Us Now? What’s Happening with the Multi State Licensure Task Force
The Evolving Role of Care Coordination in an Acute Care Environment: Confi rming the Appropriate Utilization of Necessary Services – Separating Tasks from Process (Part 2 of 3)

CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2012