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CMSA View from Capitol Hill IGNITE – INSPIRE – IMPACT! BY CAROL A. GLEASON, MM, RN, CRRN, CCM, LRC, BCPC CHAIRMAN, CMSA PUBLIC POLICY COMMITTEE E ach election is an important time for our professional practice of case management (CM). Will we build on policies recently enacted or will the new ideas of the 113th Congress change our political landscape? Either direction we take is an opportunity for each of us to be involved with our legislators. As elected officials, they are in need of our educational expertise to do their jobs for the greater good of all Americans. We need to continue to tell our stories to legislators, describing how our case management interventions improve health care delivery and show cost savings in an already overexpanded economic system. The Case Management Model Act is a guide for legislators, as new policies will be formulated at all levels of government – federal, state, and local. The way we actually practice should be defined in any new legislative discussions, rather than to try to amend any laws enacted without our interventions. To use a common football metaphor: “A good defense is a key to winning!” We will be actively seeking to move the Model Act forward into law by enlisting industry support, educating legislators and consumers, and taking advantage of opportunities for hearings to show our expertise, where the CM role could be noted. To meet the membership’s needs, the CMSA Board of Directors voted to change the composition of the Public Policy Committee (PPC). Members now serve in a 3- or 4-year term. To assist in this new transition, returning members continue in a 3-year term and act as a mentor to those elected for four years. These teams will work together to IGNITE our goal of establishing a PPC within each CMSA chapter. We hope to INSPIRE those with an active PPC to expand their efforts of membership education to support and advance advocacy in the Public Policy arena. Other goals of the PPC are to seek a National CM Week Resolution, continue to strengthen and expand our Liaison Network, and to develop another successful educational Summit in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2013. Finally, we hope to IMPACT legislators and case managers with the education and advocacy of our PPC Multi-State Licensure (MSL) Task Force. Our goal is to increase awareness of the changes in CM practice with the use of tele-communication, stretching our imparted knowledge across state lines, which could potentially require us to practice without proper licensure. I have a firm belief that if we can IGNITE all of you to be active with our committee, we can INSPIRE you with educational tools and guidance to make an IMPACT in our professional practice and, most importantly, in the care of those we serve. Happy New Year! ■ 20122013 CMSA PUBLIC POLICY COMMITTEE Carol A. Gleason, MM, RN, CRRN, CCM, LRC, BCPC, Chairman/3-year term Patricia Noonan, RN, MBA, CCM, Vice Chairman/3-year term and mentor to Chriss Wheeler/4-year term Jose Santoro, Chairman, PPC MSL Task Force/3-year term and mentor to Mary McLaughlin Davis/4-year term Connie Sunderhaus/Vice Chairman, PPC MSL Task Force/4-year term and mentor to Susan Davis/4 year term Carol K. Smith, CMSA BOD/3-year term and mentor to Debby Swanger/ 4-year term Catherine Campbell/3-year term and mentor to Susan Phelps/4-year term Margaret “Peggy” Leonard, Chair Emeritus/5-year term; Honor for Extraordinary Service to the CMSA PPC given by CMSA BOD Melanie Ann Prince/Advisor/1-year term Garry Carneal/Advisor/1-year term Issue 2 • 2013 CMSA TODAY 13

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CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2013