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CMSA President’s Letter GREEN & GREAT things to come or many months now, you have heard us talking about the launch of the Association’s new publication, CMSA Today. Although this issue is only a preview of things to come, we hope you will enjoy the great content, fresh look and dedicated focus on you, the members of CMSA. The official “launch” of the magazine will take place at CMSA’s 21st Annual Conference & Expo in San Antonio. You’ll have priority access to the premier print edition, as well as the “Show Dailies” that will be produced on site. If you are planning to join us in San Antonio, you’ll be the first to take part in the unveiling and celebration. It’s a bit of a secret as to how that will take place, but you’ll be sure to hear about it once you arrive at the conference. TERESA TREIGER, RN-C, MA, CCM, CCP CMSA PRESIDENT Members who are unable to join us will receive their first issue at about the same time. We know many of you still prefer to receive your publications in print, so CMSA Today will also be available as a traditional magazine. However, I encourage each of you to contemplate opting in to receive the digital version, as well. The digital-only version will be e-mailed to members in between print versions, which will also be sent in digital format. IF YOU’RE STILL NOT SURE, THEN CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING POINTS. First, going digital allows the Association to save money that can then be used to support member activities in other ways. In essence, your member dues go further. Second, I believe going green is an important part of our stewardship to the planet – at least whenever it is a viable option. Finally, and perhaps the best reason to go digital, is the enhanced quality of the digital version. I used to think digital magazines were scaled back versions of the “real” thing. I’ve come to discover it’s actually the reverse. Today’s digital magazines have amazing interactive features that allow for terrifically good user experiences. Simply clicking on pieces within the magazine allows readers to experience all sorts of additional opportunities that are simply not possible in print. WHATEVER YOUR CHOICE, WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE NEW PRODUCTS. CMSA Today is a celebration of professional case management. Not long ago, the term case management was difficult to explain easily, but a practice that many of us pioneered during those early days is now being repackaged, rebundled and renamed. Many may try to imitate or reproduce elements of what we do, but it is in the “whole,” the comprehensive, package of case management that we must remain united and dedicated to the education and advancement of ourselves and of our profession. As I stated earlier, this initial e-zine provides only a glimpse of what CMSA will build on to bring robust topics forward that are pertinent to professional case management practice. The value of CMSA Today comes from its being driven by the membership of our organization. As with all new endeavors, this too will take time to reach maturity. The magazine and e-zine will evolve. I hope you will join me on this great adventure as we celebrate CMSA Today. P.S. Some basic guidelines are included in this issue on page 19 should you wish to submit content, with more complete guidelines at F Teresa Treiger CMSA President 4 CMSA TODAY Issue 1 • 2011

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CMSA Today - Issue 1, 2011
President’s Letter
Executive Director’s Message
Integrated Case Management – The Best Approach for Patients and Costs
CMs Are Legal Advocates, Too
CMSA Unveiling New Menu of Communication Options
Author Guidelines
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CMSA Today - Issue 1, 2011