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Evidence-based Practice Evidence-based Practice Is an Art, Not Just a Science BY HUSSEIN TAHAN, DNSc, RN vidence-based practice (EBP) is a highly complex and easily misunderstood term. It is not new to the field of case management; however, it is not intrinsic to it either. EBP refers to making decisions about health care delivery, practice, and care provision to clients in a way that conscientiously and judiciously integrates high quality research evidence with practitioner expertise and the client’s culture, preferences, and values. This sounds rather simple, but in reality it is not. EBP is complex, multi-faceted, and more reflective of a dynamic rather than a unidimensional process. E BACKGROUND Evidence-based practice requires specific expertise in the evaluation and appraisal of available research evidence; sensitivity, understanding, and acceptance of client’s culture, belief system, and right to choice; and critical assessment of the practice environment (including one’s expertise) to determine how best to apply the evidence into practice and to enhance its impact for the achievement of desirable outcomes for the individual client. In a previous article published in CMSA Today, Tahan (2011) discussed the science of EBP and its applicability to case management practice. This article focuses on other side of EBP — the art. The art and science parts of EBP are distinct but inter-related; and success in EBP requires addressing both sides equally every time. Effective implementation of EBP for a particular case management intervention requires practitioners to carefully consider both aspects of EBP as they apply to the intervention, the clients to receive such care, and to ultimately effect desirable change (Figure 1). CMSA TODAY 10 Issue 3 • 2012 • DIGITAL

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Evidence-Based Practice Is an Art, Not Just a Science
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Does Discharge Planning Really Begin at Admission? (Part 3 of 3)
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CMSA Today - Issue 3, 2012