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CMSA Association Association News CMSA SUPPORT HELPS NTOCC TRANSITION TO INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATION National Transitions of Care Coalition Becomes 501(c)(4) BY MARY BETH NEWMAN, MSN, RNBC, CMAC, CCP, CCM; PRESIDENT, CMSA 20112012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHERI LATTIMER, RN, BSN; EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CMSA As you may know, CMSA partnered with Sanofi US to found the National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC) in 2006. Since that time, NTOCC has made tremendous strides increasing awareness about the consequences caused by poor transitions in our health care system. The Coalition has also developed numerous tools and resources to help all health care professionals, patients and their caregivers in ensuring better, safer and more efficient transitions. CMSA helped launch NTOCC because as case managers, we see every day the breakdowns in communication that result in poor transitions, endangering our patient’s lives and driving up costs. We also know that case managers are uniquely positioned within the health care system to create better transitions and increase awareness not only among patients and caregivers, but also among other health care professionals. We didn’t accomplish this much with CMSA alone: NTOCC has partnered with over 30 industry leading professional associations, medical societies, patient and caregiver groups, standards and quality bodies, and government agencies who have served on NTOCC’s Advisory Task Force. Not only has this broader engagement enabled success for NTOCC’s mission, it has dramatically increased the prestige of case management among our medical peers and highlighted to policy makers and industry leaders the need to invest in effective case management to improve patient safety, increase quality and control costs. NTOCC has become so successful – but the need is still so great – that last year CMSA, along with Sanofi US and the other organizations in the Advisory Task Force, voted to establish the National Transitions of Care Coalition as an independent organization. We are pleased to announce that as of January 2012, NTOCC has incorporated as a 501(c)(4) association with an independent Board of Directors. What does this mean for CMSA and our members? The establishment of an independent NTOCC will allow the coalition to bring in more partners and supporters, allowing for the creation of even more effective and robust solutions and tools. These resources will be made available to the health care community that will continue to help case managers improve the quality of care for transitioning patients. CMSA will retain a seat on the new NTOCC Board and we will remain actively engaged in the Advisors Council (the reconstituted Advisory Task Force). We will continue to support the use of NTOCC resources by our members and ensure that CMSA members are made aware of new resources as they are developed. Finally, by championing improvements in transitions of care we will continue to see NTOCC raising the visibility of case management and case managers. We want to thank all of you for your hard work in moving this issue from one on the periphery of health care to one of central prominence in health care reform. We specifically want to thank our representatives on the NTOCC Advisors Council – Connie Commander, Margaret Leonard and Nancy Skinner – who have done such a fantastic job of representing CMSA and case managers and will continue to ensure effective connections between NTOCC and our CMSA community. We also wish to thank the Presidents who have supported this important initiative and helped us develop NTOCC to this point: Connie Commander, Peter Moran, Jeff Frater, Margaret Leonard and Teri Treiger. Please visit to learn more about the new developments occurring at NTOCC. Sign up as an individual subscriber to receive updates and information directly from NTOCC. Encourage your companies and organizations to support NTOCC’s mission by joining as an Associate Member and implementing NTOCC solutions. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. NEW KNOWLEDGE CENTER CMSA Transitions to Improved Learning Management Platform In March 2012, CMSA launched the first element of its new Knowledge Center, the improved and user-friendly Educational Resource Library. The ERL is a web-based, dedicated learning platform for case managers and employers looking to provide educational resources to their employees. This platform is available to the entire case management community, providing over 120 Continuing Education courses and CE Credits from the Commission for Case Manager Certification and the California Board of Nursing. Convenient, web-accessible courses and various CMSA TODAY career resources make the ERL a valuable online destination for health care professionals. This summer, the Knowledge Center will integrate CMSA’s Extended Conference, a program which offers CE coursework and lectures based on material presented at CMSA’s Annual Conference & Expo. Head to to access the ERL. Additional innovative and interactive features are in the works for CMSA’s Knowledge Center; stay tuned in the coming months for announcements regarding these exciting changes! 24 Issue 3 • 2012 • DIGITAL

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