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End-of-Life Decisions Making Tough Conversations Easier The Case Manager’s Role in Facilitating End-of-Life Decisions BY ALICE GREER, RN, BSN, CPHQ C ase managers often find themselves in difficult conversations that require many skills to collaborate with patients, families, providers, facilities, and health plans – to name a few parties to these difficult conversations. One of the most demanding situations is steering those groups down the path no one wants to travel: the road toward making end-of-life decisions. The prospect of deciding about the end of life – where to receive care, who will provide the care, and what steps must be taken legally – could frighten anyone, even professionals who deal with these decisions regularly. Throw into the mix different cultural and religious beliefs, financial pressures, and denial or grief, along with distrust of providers and insurance companies, and you have a recipe for a very stressful journey. A well prepared case manager, though, can make the path less treacherous by sharing empowering information and promoting collaboration to ensure the desired outcome – a peaceful 22 CMSA TODAY ISSUE 3 • 2011 • DIGITAL

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President’s Letter
Insights to Effective Transition From Caregiver to Case Manager
Are You a Family Caregiver? Say, “Yes, I Am!”
‘Hot’ Legal Issues for Discharge Planners and Case Managers
Making Tough Conversations Easier
You Can Help Make Multistate Licensure a Reality
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CMSA Today - Issue 3, 2011