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Multistate Licensure You Can Help Make Multistate Licensure a Reality Get Involved. Here’s How BY CONNIE SUNDERHAUS, RN-BC, CCM T he leadership of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) recognizes the issue of multistate licensure as one of great importance to its membership and to the practice of case management. For that reason, the CMSA Public Policy Committee (PPC) added it to its legislative agenda and took steps to enhance its activities around the issue. and updates. MSL teleconferences are held regularly and provide updates on pending legislation in certain states and act as a forum for interested parties to exchange information on all issues related to and affected by multistate licensure from across the country. NOT UP ON THE ISSUE? For those new to the issue of multistate licensure, it is an issue growing in recognition nationwide. In support of case managers and other nurses who coordinate patient care and who may find that communication needs to exist beyond state lines, CMSA issued a position paper on the need for multistate licensure in 2005. It has become apparent to many organizations that MSL is necessary to appropriately allow nurses the ability to provide patient care regardless of where the patient may reside. Health care delivery technology is just one of the many reasons CMSA and other organizations support the Nurse Licensure Compact as the means of achieving MSL. However, for this to occur, legislation must be enacted for states to enter into a compact, which necessitates understanding the legislative process on the state level, knowing who will sponsor and support a state bill, and most important – what coalition of supporters can be built. BACKGROUND In 2009, the PPC created the Multistate Licensure (MSL) Taskforce to work as a grassroots network to engage and provide support to its members in their efforts to have every state become a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). In addition, CMSA joined the National Council of State Boards of Nursing NLC Coalition. More than 1,100 people have asked to be included in the MSL email list and are now receiving Taskforce meeting notices TALKING POINTS Much like all things we do in case management, our attempt to achieve a legislative change involves: • Assessing current status • Establishing a goal ISSUE 3 • 2011 • DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 25

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CMSA Today - Issue 3, 2011