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Your Own Boss BY REBECCA PEREZ, RN, BSN, CCM So, You Want to Be Your Tips, Tidbits, & the Titillating Truth from a Nurse Entrepreneur T raditionally, nurses are found in various health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, subacute facilities, insurance companies, home health, and academic institutions. The world of health care is changing, and so too is the profession of nursing. The aging population of the United States is creating unique demands on our health care system. The Journal of the American Medical Association predicts a shortage of registered nurses in the United States that may exceed 800,000 by the year 2020 (Keyes, 2012). Nursing programs are once again recruiting in order to fill this need. The current nursing population is also aging, but that means that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience still active in health care. private sector, professional speaking, consulting services, program development, writing, and research. So where to start? Before you take the leap toward starting a business as a nurse entrepreneur, carefully consider the following: • Where does your passion lie? • • • • • What are your strengths? What are your areas of expertise? What service or product will you offer? Who is your client base? Will the service or product you offer meet a need? The development of a product or service will require significant time and The changing health care landscape and the diversity present in the profession of nursing provide opportunities for nurses to explore entrepreneurship. So what are these opportunities? Examples may include nursing services related to education, development of new medical products, case management in the 8 CMSA TODAY Issue 5 • 2012 • DIGITAL

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So, You Want to Be Your Own Boss?
Case Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship: The Less-traveled Road in Case Management
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CMSA Today - Issue 5, 2012