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CMSA Association News Conference News Enter Now for Award Consideration CMPIA AND CMRA Case Management Practice Improvement Award and Case Management Research Award Deadline is April 21, 2012. CMSA’s Case Management Practice Improvement Award and Case Management Research Award recognize an individual, group, or organization that uses findings from a research or quality/performance improvement (QI/PI) project for innovation in the advancement of case management practice and/or improved client outcomes. These two awards have been established to: • Honor successful efforts to promote evidence-based case management practice; • Acknowledge exceptional efforts to research best-practice innovations that help quantify and define outcomes in case management; • Encourage activities which aim to advance knowledge of case management; and • Recognize efforts that promote essential practice components as defined by the CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management. • Appropriate application of the research process includes clearly defined conceptual framework • Use of valid and reliable instruments • Methods, procedures of data collection and analysis, and test statistics applied are consistent with the research design • Clear description of findings and their implications for case management practice, further research, and health policy • Research merit or contribution to case management knowledge • Efforts of dissemination of the findings, such as publication and/or public speaking engagements CMOY AND AOSE AWARDS Deadline is February 14, 2012. Case Manager of the Year (CMOY) The recipient of the annual award is an individual whose notable contributions and exceptional dedication have provided a positive vision for the future of CM. This prestigious award recognizes those leadership qualities, both professional and personal, which have encouraged others to develop their own gifts of leadership and whose continuing commitment has shaped the industry. Award of Service Excellence (AOSE) This national award is given to a practicing case manager who exemplifies the essence of CM — innovation, creativity, collaboration, and resourcefulness! This award recognizes an “in-the-trenches,” grassroots case manager whose day-to-day CM practice has transformed the field and contributed to the greater good — not only for their clients but also for their community. Through this distinguished honor, CMSA desires to recognize the extraordinary importance one individual can make through outstanding initiative, inspiration to others, and significant contributions to improving the quality of practice. AWARD CRITERIA CMSA’s Case Management Practice Improvement Award (CMPIA) • Completed QI/PI project • Clearly articulated statement of the problem or opportunity • Clearly defined QI/PI process or approach applied using a multidisciplinary focus • Description of key individuals and/or organizations participating on the multidisciplinary QI/PI team • Clearly identified and defined two or more performance indicators • Clearly identified interventions taken to improve case management performance and outcome indicators • Use of data and ability to substantiate decisions with concrete data (minimum of 6 months measurement period) • Description of findings and contribution of the project to case management knowledge, practice and/or client outcomes • Efforts of dissemination of the findings, such as publication and/or public speaking engagements CMSA’s Case Management Research Award (CMRA) • The study question is relevant to case management practice • The research study includes at least 6 months of data CHAPTER EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION AWARDS CEIA Deadline is February 14, 2012. The CMSA Chapter Excellence and Innovation Awards recognize chapters that endeavor to promote the growth and value of case management and to support the evolving needs of the case management professional. Nominate your chapter for one or more of the following categories and achieve exposure and recognition for your chapter’s activities in: Education, Conference, Membership, Print, Technology, and Public Policy! ISSUE 5 • 2011 • DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 19

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President’s Letter
Case Managers are Critical to Decreasing Fragmented Care
A Caregiver’s Emotional Journey Helps in Development of Valuable Case Management Resource
A Managed Care Poem
Case Managers in the Spotlight: The Impact of Case Management on Nursing Leadership and Health Care
CMSA and NASW Launch the CMI Case Load Capacity Calculator
Health Plan Accreditation and Health Care Reform
Association News
CMSA Corporate Partners
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CMSA Today - Issue 5, 2011